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Recent auto insurance quotes in Brampton

2023 KIA SELTOS SX TURBO 4DR AWD March 27, 2023
$ 8,033
Per year
Cheapest Rate
$ 12,323
Per year
Average Rate
$ 4,290
35 %
in savings
2021 TOYOTA CAMRY SE 4DR March 26, 2023
$ 2,394
Per year
Cheapest Rate
$ 7,328
Per year
Average Rate
$ 4,934
67 %
in savings

Brampton car insurance

Brampton is not only the third-largest city in the GTA, and the ninth-largest city in all of Canada, but it's also a fast-growing suburb with thousands of commuters driving to work and back every day. If Toronto gets a bad rep for its crazy roads and snail-paced traffic, drivers in Brampton have it worse with never-ending constructions, gridlocked multi-lane roads, and many high-traffic intersections that pave the way for accidents and collision claims. Unfortunately, Brampton has some of the highest number of collision claims in Ontario at 7.1 percent per hundred vehicles according to a study conducted by Allstate Insurance Company. For Bramptonians this can be quite hard-hitting as this sort of accident frequency and higher claims have made this city, the home of the highest insurance premiums in Ontario.

How to compare Brampton car insurance quotes

It’s easier than spelling Chinguacousy! Gathering your information to get a simple quote is all you need to get started. Make sure you have the following ready:

  • Your personal information, your driver’s license, marital status
  • The date of purchase of your car, its make, model and the year
  • Your driving experience and mileage
  • Tickets, accidents or claims on your driving record, if any
  • Details about your insurance/coverage history

Brampton Car Insurance By Postal Code

Postal Code Average Premium
L6P 0A1$2792
L6R 0A1$3301
L6S 0A1$2540
L6T 0A1$3068
L6V 0A1$2540
L6W 0A1$2540
L6X 0A1$2066
L6Y 0A1$2573
L6Z 0A1$2581
L7A 0A1$2980

Above average insurance premium numbers are according to data from RATESDOTCA Insuramap.

All roads lead to savings

While auto insurance premiums in Brampton might be higher than other major cities in Ontario, comparing car insurance quotes can help you save. Drivers in Brampton have a plethora of options when it comes to car insurance providers available in the province. RATESDOTCA allows you to compare competitive rates from 30+ auto insurance providers.

It’s easy for you to compare car insurance quotes using our car insurance calculator that doubles as a quote comparison tool. Get started by entering your postal code below.

Driving in Brampton

The city of Brampton sees a huge number of commuters and traffic on its roads every single day and getting into a fender bender can and does happen. Here are some refresher tips to help you stay safe on the road:

  1. Always check traffic beforehand: Before you hit that highway, check the traffic report and think if you can plan an alternative route in case of road closures or construction.
  2. Keep distractions away: Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Plane spotting may be your thing but this is not the time to look up.
  3. Plan, plan and plan well in advance: Always plan ahead for anything that could slow down your morning commute. This will give you a leeway in the event of an unforeseen accident or traffic changes.
  4. Early to work, early back home: Hit the road earlier than when the usual traffic starts rolling in. Avoiding rush hour traffic will help you save money, gas, and a lot of time.
  5. 407 if you have to: Highway 407 might cost you the toll, but if you find that the traffic is not moving, or that there has been an accident, you might be better off taking the 407 ETR.
  6. Invest in technology to stay safe: It is worth investing in anti-theft devices, and other car security features; this will not only protect your vehicle, but also pave the way for discounts on your car insurance rates.

Frequently asked questions about Brampton car insurance

Why is car insurance so expensive in Brampton?

Brampton ranks as one of Ontario’s most expensive city for car insurance. Brampton is a popular choice with families looking to put down roots and its population is expected to keep growing. With drivers on the road increasing on a regular basis, there is a higher rate of accidents and theft. These high accident rates alone bring the premiums up (more accidents = more claims). So, regardless of how safe a driver you are, if you live in Brampton with six-lane roads jam-packed with cars and trucks, you are paying the highest premiums in the province, and possibly, in the country.

Is Brampton car insurance more expensive than Mississauga car insurance?

How do Mississauga and Brampton, two of the three cities that constitute the Region of Peel, compare when it comes to car insurance rates? Mississauga drivers enjoy comparatively lower insurance rates than Brampton drivers. For commuters that drive to the city, Mississauga is located closer to Toronto and there is less time spent on the road than drivers coming in from Brampton. You could be driving the same car to the same office building in the bustling Financial District in downtown Toronto and would still pay more than your friend who lives in Mississauga. Brampton is growing rapidly, has a booming real estate, a thriving downtown core, and more young professionals making it their home, all of which contribute to a higher cost of living in Flower City. These factors, along with the high accidents and crime rates, contribute to the substantial difference in car insurance rates in these neighbouring cities. However, Mississauga’s insurance rates are still higher than the provincial average and rank fifth on the list of Ontario’s most expensive cities for car insurance. No matter which city you live in, comparing car insurance rates is the best way to save.

While drivers from Brampton who used RATESDOTCA to complete quotes saved an average of $917 on their annual premium in 2018, Mississauga drivers saved an average of $481 on their car insurance last year.*

*Savings number is calculated by deducting the lowest available quote from the 2nd lowest available quote to determine average savings

How can you save on car insurance in Brampton?

Drivers in Brampton pay the highest in car insurance rates in the province. With three of the busiest intersections in the region, it is important that you drive with care and remain collision free. In addition to comparing rates to find savings, you can also add eligible discounts to your policy and get great coverage with comparatively lower premiums by doing the following:

  • Enrol in telematics/usage-based discounts
    Some insurance providers will reward you for installing apps and devices that track your driving. If you believe that you are a good driver, this will help you score great discounts on your annual premium. By law, insurers are not allowed to increase your premiums as a result of telematics data. This is a great option for younger drivers looking to save some money on their premiums.
  • Bundle and save
    Do you have home insurance? Bundling home insurance and car insurance together under one insurance provider will help your save on your insurance.
  • Switch to winter tires in the colder months
    Car insurance companies provide discounts for changing into seasonal tires on time, so not only are you protecting yourself on the road in the harsh winter, but also saving huge!
  • Drive a hybrid/electric vehicle
    Brampton isn’t alien to newer kinds of vehicles on the road, and if you are one of those who drive a hybrid car or an electric car, not only are you doing the planet a favour, but yourself too! Driving a hybrid vehicle lets you save up to 10% on your car insurance premiums.
  • Take transit
    Brampton has a thriving local transit system, and if you are able to take the public transport to work, you can roll in great savings on your insurance. Your commute has a big influence on your rates, so reduce your driving time and a reduction in your premiums usually follows.
  • All in one
    If you have more than one vehicle in your family, insuring all of them under the same policy can help you save on your car insurance rates.
  • Increase your deductible
    When you raise your deductibles, you benefit from a reduced monthly premium. A word of advice: make sure you can afford an increased deductible, as that's the amount you would have to pay in the event of a claim.
  • Shop around and save
    To save on car insurance, shop around for quotes from trusted insurance companies, and pick the quote that fits your budget. This will save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly insurance premiums. Compare using RATESDOTCA today!
  • Take a certified driver education course
    When you take a ministry-approved driver education class, not only can you benefit from getting an expert-led program, but also get you savings of up to 15% on your insurance premiums. There are schools that offer MTO-approved beginner driver education courses, and you can find the list of schools in the Ministry of Transportation's website.
  • Drive safe
    You are a good driver, sure, but things happen. Be careful and mindful on the roads, and avoid at-fault accidents, and speeding tickets. A clean driving record will fetch you great savings.

How can I avoid car insurance fraud in Brampton?

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Brampton has seen increased crime rates in the area, particularly with the rise of auto theft and staged collisions. Staged collision is one of the most common types of auto insurance fraud that contributes to the increase in insurance premiums. In fact, GTA has earned the notorious title of being the “staged collision capital of Canada” by Rick Dubin, Vice President Investigations of IBC . You can play your part in fighting insurance fraud—make sure you understand your policy and coverage, never sign blank forms, get all your detailed bills, and review your claims diligently.

What is considered high-risk auto insurance in Brampton?

There are many factors affecting car insurance in Brampton, like traffic ticket and violations, high volume of auto theft, and increased auto insurance fraud. However, insurance companies also look at the driver and assign a risk profile based on various factors like driving experience, driving record, type of car, age, and more. If you have had one or more at-fault accidents, collisions, careless driving convictions, multiple speeding tickets, lapse in payments, etc., you could fall under the bracket of a ‘high-risk driver’. Did you know that driving a high-risk vehicle, like a luxury car or a sports car, could put you in the same bracket? High-risk drivers are more common in cities like Brampton where there are more cars on the road, with a higher likelihood of accidents, and auto crimes. When you compare quotes online, you can find the best rates and coverage for your unique driving situation.

Brampton driving stats

  • People in Brampton who drove as a main mode of commuting to work = 75.9%*
  • People in Brampton who took the public transit to work = 14%
  • People in Brampton who either walked, biked, or used other modes to commute to work = 2.7%
  • Average duration spent commuting out of Brampton = 33.4 minutes
  • People who left to work out of Brampton between 6 am and 9 am = 58.5%
  • Number of persons that travelled out of Brampton to Toronto for work = 47,730
  • Number of vehicles registered in the Region of Peel in 5 years = 112,298+
  • Actual incidents of impaired driving in the Peel Region: 1,290**
  • Cases of use of electronic devices while driving in the Region of Peel increased from 3,914 to 4,639
  • Total charges laid by police during the Traffic Safety Blitz on Hwy 50 = 259***
    Charges included speeding, stunt driving, distracted driving, driving under suspension, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance among many others
  • Fatal Motor Vehicle collisions in Brampton (per 100,000 population) = 1.87

* According to Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population
**According to CSI (Crime Severity Index), a Statistics Canada measure of all-police related crime, 2016 data.
*** 2017 Peel Region Annual Report

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We saved Brampton drivers a total of $65,321,217 last year.*

Paying less for car insurance in Brampton is easier than you think.

Before you let your insurance policy renew for another year, take three minutes to see if another insurance company can offer you a better rate. Spoiler: there usually is.

RATESDOTCA compares more car insurance providers than anyone else, so you can be confident that you’re finding the lowest price on car insurance.  As you can see, the savings add up.

Join the thousands of Brampton drivers who use RATESDOTCA to lower their car insurance bills today.

*Represents the average saved by shoppers who obtained a Brampton quote on RATESDOTCA and transacted via our contact centre between January and December 2021. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

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