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About Onlia Insurance

At Onlia, our decision-making is driven by one question: “Is it easy?” Coverage, chats with our agents or savings should are all made simple for you should the need arise.

We are a proudly Canadian, direct insurance provider of home and auto insurance in Ontario. Headquartered in Toronto, our team reflects the rich and diverse communities in which we serve. Even though we provide insurance digitally, our team is behind the product, and you, every step of the way.

Customers can buy insurance online 24/7, without brokers, sales teams,+ or paperwork. Less overhead means Onlia insurance quotes that offer a lower cost to you.

In addition to convenience, Onlia offers better coverage. Our goal is to protect you and what you love with strong, affordable insurance – that means standard policies with increased coverage that go well beyond provincial minimums.

And even before protection, there is prevention. Take measures like driving safely and equipping your home with a monitored alarm system, and we'll reward you with discounts, gift cards, and cashback.

Insurance is for when you need it the most – and aside from great coverage, you'll want to be met with a friendly voice when you do. As part of the Fairfax Financial group of insurance companies, Onlia is fully supported with licensed agents and caring claims adjusters that are available 24/7, so you'll never be left astray. All policies are underwritten by Verassure Insurance Company.

What can Onlia Insurance offer?

We all want to save money and Onlia Insurance can do that for your home and auto needs. Our flexible insurance policies can be researched, purchased and managed all online at your convenience. Not only can you build a policy online in minutes, but you can also manage your claims from your phone. You can even download your digital pink slip and avoid digging through your glove compartment when you need it.

Not only will Onlia Insurance help you save money, but we can also help you earn money too. The Onlia Insurance app allows you to earn rewards through a monthly cashback program. You simply have to Ddownload the app from the App Store or Google Play to track your driving habits and earn rewards every single month. You can get gift cards or cash – as much as $50 per month or $600 per year.

You are scored out of 100 based on how well you perform under the following conditions:

  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Cornering
  • Speed Contextual

You earn rewards when you maintain a “drivescore” that’s specific to the reward level. Drivers at every level are eligible for cashback.

Beyond the monthly cashback program, different discount programs are offered for drivers.  They include:

  • Multi-car – Save 20% per car when you insure two or more cars.
  • New car – Save 10% on a car that is a 2020 model year, or newer.
  • Reward Loyalty – Save 5% for being a customer for three or more years.
  • Winter Tires – Save 2% for installing winter tires.
  • Retiree – Save 5% off accident benefits coverage for being a retiree with a clean driving record.

There are also many discounts offered for home insurance including:

  • Bundling – Save 20% on home insurance and 15% on car insurance.
  • Mortgage Free – Save 15% for insuring a home that has no mortgage.
  • Burglary Fire & Alarm – Save 5% for having a home security system.
  • Credit Score – Save 10% to 50% when you agree to a credit score check.

But that’s not all. 

Drivers who have a G2 and a good driving history can save 5%, while joining a group insurance plan through work or another organization can save you an additional 10%.

Recent Quotes from Onlia Insurance

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO
Male, Age 42
July 20, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 95 / month
$1,139 / year
Average Quote
$ 179 / month
$2,153 / year
$ 85 / month
$1,014 / year
47.10 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRAMPTON, ONTARIO
Male, Age 21
July 20, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 933 / month
$11,195 / year
Average Quote
$ 1,217 / month
$14,603 / year
$ 284 / month
$3,408 / year
23.34 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO
Female, Age 39
July 20, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 255 / month
$3,054 / year
Average Quote
$ 331 / month
$3,970 / year
$ 76 / month
$916 / year
23.07 %
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Onlia Insurance Contact Information

Address: 801 – 351 King St. E. Toronto ON M5A 1L1

Claim Phone: (844) 472-7901

Claim email: claims@onlia.ca

Frequently asked questions about Onlia insurance

Have more questions about Onlia? Get the answers here...

Who is Onlia insurance owned by?

Onlia is owned by a joint venture between Achmea and Fairfax Financial.

How can I contact Onlia insurance?

Onlia Insurance is an online-only insurance company. You can contact them through their website Onlia.ca. You can also contact their digital onilne assistant 24/7 and/or caring licensed agents and claims adjusters for all your insurance support needs.

What is Onlia sense?

The Onlia Insurance app, previously known as Onlia Sense, allows you to manage your insurance policies, make claims, and receive rewards all from the convenience of your phone. 

Is Onlia reliable?

Onlia Insurance is proudly Canadian and underwritten by Verasurre Insurance Company. It is owned by a joint venture of Achmea (the largest insurance group in the Netherlands) and Fairfax Financial, a financial holding company based in Canada.

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