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The 10 Toronto neighbourhoods with the most expensive car insurance rates
The average car insurance premium in Toronto declined by double digits in 2021, according to the RATESDOTCA Auto Insuramap.The average annual premium for Toronto, including its suburbs, was $1,952 in 2021. That marks a decrease of 11.3% from 2020, when the average premium was $2,200.Neighbourhoods play a major role in determining car insurance prices in Toronto as insurance companies look …
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These 10 cities have the highest car insurance rates in Ontario
Car insurance premiums for many Ontario cities decreased in 2021, according to RATESDOTCA’s Auto Insuramap, which maps out premiums by postal code.The average Ontario premium in 2021 was $1,555, a 3.8% decrease from 2020, when the average was $1,616.Significant premium reductions went to Toronto drivers, as well as suburban drivers who commute to the city for work. Most notably, Brampton …
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Here are the credit card nominees for the 2022 Best of Finance Awards
The nominees for 2022’s Best of Finance Awards include the best credit cards available in Canada this year.
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