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Written By Alexandra Bosanac

Updated November 15, 2023

What is all-perils car insurance? 

All-perils insurance is a combination of collision and comprehensive coverage. It is an optional product in most provinces, which you can tack to a standard policy at extra cost. (In Manitoba, which has public car insurance, standard policies come with a basic form of all perils.)

The collision insurance part of your all-perils coverage will help pay to repair or replace your car if you're in a collision you were responsible for causing.

The comprehensive aspect will pay for some of the damage caused by non-collision perils, like fire, theft, hail, and falling objects.

One bonus coverage with all perils is it covers loss or damage caused if someone in your household steals the insured car.

You usually have to pay a deductible with all-perils insurance.

What's the difference between all perils and named perils insurance?

With property and casualty insurance (the category car and home insurance fall under), you can choose between all-perils or named perils coverage.

Named perils (sometimes called 'specified perils') safeguards against insurable events you specifically request protection from that aren't included in your base policy.

All-perils protection covers all the bases — any risk indemnified by your insurance provider is included in your policy.

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What does all-perils cover (and not cover)?

All-perils protect you against everything that collision and comprehensive insurance cover.

To recap, all-perils covers:

  • The repair or replacement of your car if it’s involved in a collision with another car that you’re responsible for causing.
  • Damage caused by non-collision perils, like fire, rising water, theft, hail, and falling objects.

All-perils doesn’t provide liability coverage, accident benefits, or direct physical damage (DCPD). Your base insurance policy covers these perils. You can't claim all-perils coverage if you damaged your car while using it as a ride-share; special ride-share insurance is required.

If you want to tailor your insurance policy even further, you can purchase endorsements: these products alter the terms of your insurance policy and can be used to increase or lower your coverage.

When is it recommended to have all-perils coverage? 

All-perils offers the broadest protection, which means it can raise your premium quite a bit. However, you won't want to skimp on this type of insurance if your car is relatively new. In fact, you may want to seriously consider all perils even if your car is several years old — it depends on the make and the cost to repair or replace the car. Ask yourself: can you pay out-of-pocket to fix or replace your car? If not, an optional coverage like all perils may be right for you.

If you’re leasing or financing a car, your lender likely has already made carrying all-perils mandatory.

How much does all perils coverage cost?

Since all-perils broadens your coverage, adding it will raise your insurance bill.

To illustrate, here's what one 35-year-old Toronto man (with no traffic convictions or insurance cancellations) would pay on a 2019 four-door Honda Civic:

  • Without all-perils: $183.17 monthly or $2,198 annually
  • With all-perils: $266.58 monthly or $3,199 annually

By adding all-perils, his premium increased by 45%.

However, all-perils isn’t something to skimp on, especially if you're leasing or financing a car or if you couldn't afford to repair or replace your vehicle if it were seriously damaged.

You can lower costs and get enough coverage by applying for discounts. For example, here's the same man's premium after he applies for winter tire, bundling, telematics, and CAA membership discounts:

  • With all-perils and discounts: $218.42 monthly or $2,621 annually

His bill is now 18% cheaper, and he gets the coverage he needs.

Frequently asked questions about all-perils car insurance

Have more questions about all-perils insurance? We’ll answer some of them here.

What’s the difference between all-perils and open perils?

All perils and open perils refer to the same product. Adding this coverage to your policy — regardless if your insurer refers to it as ‘all’ or ‘open’ perils — will protect against all damages or losses that insurers are willing to cover. 

Things that are covered by all/open perils include:

  • At-fault collisions with another vehicle or object 
  • Damage or losses caused by something other than a collision (falling or flying objects, vandalism)
  • Theft 

Perils that are excluded from all/open perils include:

  • Mechanical failures
  • Rust
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage to the tires that are caused not caused by a peril covered by all/open perils

What is an all-perils deductible?

Optional coverages like all perils insurance carry a deductible. Before an insurance company will pay the claim, you must chip in for some of the cost first. Then, the insurance company will pay the remainder. The amount you pay is what’s known as a deductible. 

All-perils insurance blends two coverages — collision and comprehensive — into one policy. This means you pay one deductible.

If the damage costs as much as, or less than, your deductible, it’s better to pay for the repair out-of-pocket than file a claim. 

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