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Car insurance for G2 Drivers in Ontario

Accidents can happen when you’re learning to drive. As a G2 driver you have several months to a year (at least) of driving experience. But this is only the beginning of building your driving history. Because many G2 drivers are under the age of 25 with short driving histories, they are considered higher risk. This means insurance companies view these drivers as more likely to file claims on than average.

However, getting to your full G license is a staggered process. While the G1, the first stage allows you to drive with a fully licensed driver who has at least four years' experience, it does not require insurance in Ontario.

A G2, the next stage, allows you to drive independently for up to a year, prior to obtaining your full G license. This stage requires insurance and is mandatory in Ontario.

As mentioned, most G2 drivers are young and inexperienced. As a result, G2 driver insurance will be higher than other experienced drivers. A G2 driver's insurance rates will normally be 25% to 50% higher than a G driver.

Because G2 drivers are considered independent drivers, they can obtain insurance policies. However, it may be much cheaper to be placed as an add-on to an existing policy of a family member before embarking on a fully separate policy (and mom or dad might pay for it).

Recent car insurance quotes for G2 Drivers

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from EAST YORK, ONTARIO
Male, Age 53
July 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 106 / month
$1,277 / year
Average Quote
$ 272 / month
$3,258 / year
$ 165 / month
$1,981 / year
60.80 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from ANCASTER, ONTARIO
Male, Age 21
July 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 451 / month
$5,407 / year
Average Quote
$ 626 / month
$7,511 / year
$ 175 / month
$2,104 / year
28.01 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from LONDON, ONTARIO
Male, Age 34
July 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 193 / month
$2,312 / year
Average Quote
$ 260 / month
$3,124 / year
$ 68 / month
$812 / year
25.99 %
Auto insurance quotes are compared from CAA, Coachman Insurance Company, Echelon Insurance, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Onlia Insurance, Pafco, Pembridge, SGI, Travelers, Zenith Insurance Company

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How much does auto insurance cost for G2 Drivers in Ontario?

At RATESDOTCA, we ran a sample quote with the data available to us for a male driver with basic mandatory coverage and clean driving record living in postal code area M6G 0A1. The quote compares auto insurance premium for the personal usage of 10,000 km per year, driving a 2020 Honda Civic DX 4 DR, between a G2 holder vs a full G licence holder.

Age Premium with G2 license only Premium with full G license
18 $6,200 $3,694
19 $6,193 $3,433
20 $6,186 $2,580
21 $6,016 $1,968
22 $5,954 $1,923
23 $5,431 $1,808
24 $5,382 $1,762
25 $4,787 $1,757
26 $4,791 $1,578
27 $4,795 $1,573
28 $4,798 $1,491
29 $4,800 $1,499
30 $4,805 $1,507
40 $4,773 $1,448
50 $4,698 $909
60 $4,342 $858

As observed above, the premium for a male driver with G2 licence at any age is significantly higher than that of a driver with G licence. Insurance companies consider drivers with a full G licence more trustworthy when it comes to driving on highways, more experienced and less likely to be involved in an accident.

How to get the cheapest car insurance for G2 drivers

There are several ways to get the cheapest car insurance for G2 drivers including:

  • Comparison shop – Sites like RATESDOTCA offer quotes from more than 50 of Canada’s top insurance providers. A few bits of information and you’ll have G2 license quotes minutes.
  • Add on to an existing policy – Being a second or third driver on a family member’s existing policy can save you a lot of money. You won’t be considered the primary driver.
  • Only take the insurance you need – By avoiding optional coverage you may not need; you can reduce your G2 insurance premiums.
  • Increase your deductibles – Insurance companies charge rates based on risk. If you lower their risk by agreeing to pay for more (should the need arise), you can expect a discount for that reduction in risk.
  • Maintain a clean driving record – The cleaner your record, the more likely your insurance provider will offer discounts.
  • Take a course – Some providers will offer discounts to new drivers who have taken defensive driving courses. It increases their knowledge and confidence and lowers risk for the provider.
  • Drivers who go through the graduated licensing system should receive a rate reduction of 10% on all coverages, assuming the driver has had no chargeable convictions or at-fault accidents when entering their G2 stage. This reduction is applicable for one year.

Frequently asked questions about Car Insurance Quote for G2 Drivers in Ontario

Answers to all your questions about car insurance for G2 drivers are here...

When G2 drivers can and cannot drive on their own?

With a G2 licence, you can drive anywhere, anytime, by yourself or with passengers on any road or highway in Ontario. However, there are still some restrictions:

  • Blood alcohol has to be at zero
  • Passengers cannot exceed the number of working seatbelts in your car.
  • If you are 19 or under, and are driving between midnight and 5:00a.m., you can have only one passenger under the age of 20 in the car for the first six months of having your G2.
  • After six months you may have three passengers under the age of 19 in your car. This restriction does not apply if there is a G-level driver in the vehicle with four years' experience and is sitting in the front passenger seat.

Can G2 drivers drive on highway or out of province?

The only restrictions stated regarding G2 licensed drivers has to do with passengers and alcohol levels. There are no restrictions about driving out of province, as it is still a full license. Different bordering states may have other restrictions. It would be best to check those states’ laws before taking a road trip.

Can a G2 driver not on my insurance drive my car in Ontario? If an accident happened, which insurance would cover the damage?

There are no laws about lending your car to a G2 licensed driver who is not covered under your insurance. However, because of restrictions and risks, any rules that are broken while driving your car could negatively affect your coverage and premiums.

Can a G2 driver rent a car in Ontario?

It depends, some companies say you need to have a valid class G driver's licence to rent a car in Ontario. It must be valid for the entire duration of the rental period.

Other companies do accept a G2 license but require the driver to be 25 or older, while others have a 20-24 age rental allowance but with an added “underage fee.” Talk to your local car rental company about their policies and procedures.

Can drivers with G2 licences drive without insurance?

While G1 drivers can drive without their own insurance, once you have a G2 license you are an independent driver and require an insurance policy. This may mean being listed as an additional driver on the vehicle of a family member you live with or getting your own policy for the first time. Though G2 drivers can pay more than average, due to factors like age and a short driver’s history, shopping around with our online tool can help find the best G2 auto insurance deal.

How much does G2 insurance cost?

G2 insurance costs can vary widely, depending on if you are being added to another policy or are the primary driver on your own. But there are other factors which can impact how much you pay.

These include your personal driving history, where you live and the age and model of the vehicle you’re insuring. If you’re purchasing your first automobile and want to reduce your insurance premiums, consider a pre-owned one or a basic model without too many options. Premiums can be higher for luxury cars or those with options which are complicated to fix in case of collision.

Different companies offer different discounts which can help you offset higher rates for being a newer driver. For instance, some insurers offer discounted rates for policyholders who take drivers education courses.

The best way to save money is by shopping around using an online tool like RATESDOTCA. We work with over 50 of Canada’s best insurance providers to provide you quotes in just a few minutes.

What’s the insurance rate difference between a G and G2 licence?

It depends on the driver, their driving history, and the vehicle they wish to insure. There is a reduction in cost which reflect the driver graduating to a new license stage. This is because the change tells insurance companies that a driver has gained more experience and knowledge, helping reduce their risk profile. To take advantage of potential savings when you upgrade to a G licence, shop around using an online tool like RATESDOTCA.

Can G2 drivers have their own insurance?

Yes, although this depends on the driver’s needs. If you are over the age of eighteen and are the primary driver of a vehicle, you will need your own insurance. In Ontario it is standard that you have third-party liability, statutory accident benefits and direct compensation-property damage coverages. Additionally, you must have uninsured automobile coverage. There are options you can add on, for example, increasing the amount of third-party liability coverage or adding optional collision or accident benefits coverages.

For some G2 drivers who live at home with family and share a vehicle, they may wish to be added as a second or third driver on a parent’s policy.

*Shoppers in Ontario who obtained an auto insurance quote on RATESDOTCA and transacted via our contact centre from January to December 2022 saved an average amount of $800. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

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