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Accidents can happen when you’re learning to drive. As a G2 driver you have several months to a year (at least) of driving experience. But this is only the beginning of building your driving history. Because many G2 drivers are under the age of 25 with short driving histories, they are considered higher risk. This means insurance companies view these drivers as more likely to file claims on than average.

How to get the cheapest insurance as a G2 driver

Still live with your parents? You can save money by being insured as the second or third driver on a car on one of their policies, instead of as the primary driver on your own. You can also shop around to take advantage of different discounts offered by insurance companies. Also, consider avoiding optional coverage that will increase your insurance premium.

Frequently asked questions about G2 car insurance

Can drivers with G2 licences drive without insurance?

While G1 drivers can drive without their own insurance, once you have a G2 license you are an independent driver and require an insurance policy. This may mean being listed as an additional driver on the vehicle of a family member you live with or getting your own policy for the first time. Though G2 drivers can pay more than average, due to factors like age and a short driver’s history, shopping around with our online tool can help find the best G2 auto insurance deal.

How much does G2 insurance cost?

G2 insurance costs can vary widely, depending on if you are being added to another policy or are the primary driver on your own. But there are other factors which can impact how much you pay.

These include your personal driving history, where you live and the age and model of the vehicle you’re insuring. If you’re purchasing your first automobile and want to reduce your insurance premiums, consider a pre-owned one or a basic model without too many options. Premiums can be higher for luxury cars or those with options which are complicated to fix in case of collision.

Different companies offer different discounts which can help you offset higher rates for being a newer driver. For instance, some insurers offer discounted rates for policyholders who take drivers education courses.

The best way to save money is by shopping around using an online tool like RATESDOTCA. We work with over 50 of Canada’s best insurance providers to provide you quotes in just a few minutes.

What’s the insurance rate difference between a G and G2 licence?

It depends on the driver, their driving history, and the vehicle they wish to insure. There is a reduction in cost which reflect the driver graduating to a new license stage. This is because the change tells insurance companies that a driver has gained more experience and knowledge, helping reduce their risk profile. To take advantage of potential savings when you upgrade to a G licence, shop around using an online tool like RATESDOTCA.

Can a G2 drivers have their own insurance?

Yes, although this depends on the driver’s needs. If you are over the age of eighteen and are the primary driver of a vehicle, you will need your own insurance. In Ontario it is standard that you have third-party liability, statutory accident benefits and direct compensation-property damage coverages. Additionally, you must have uninsured automobile coverage. There are options you can add on, for example, increasing the amount of third-party liability coverage or adding optional collision or accident benefits coverages.

For some G2 drivers who live at home with family and share a vehicle, they may wish to be added as a second or third driver on a parent’s policy.

Can a G2 driver be added to an insurance policy?

For G2 drivers who live with their parents, it can be possible to get listed as a secondary or occasional driver on their policy. The good news is it can build insurance history for new G2 drivers. The bad news is that it can increase the policyholder’s premium, and given the limited driving experience and higher risk profile of a G2 driver, the rise in costs could be sizable. This is why it’s important to shop around.

Some companies offer discounts for driver education or alumni or membership discounts. By taking advantage of these, you can lower your premiums. The best way to find the cheapest policy is to compare different options using a free online tool like RATESDOTCA.

*Shoppers in Ontario who obtained a quote on RATESDOTCA and transacted via our contact centre from August to December 2020 saved an average amount of $676. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

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