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Written By Alexandra Bosanac


About CAA car insurance

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is widely known for its membership perks, mainly its roadside assistance service. However, as a non-profit, CAA also provides competitively priced car insurance to drivers all over Canada. In fact, more than half of current CAA policyholders say they chose it because of the rate they were offered and because of the value of being part of the CAA network, according to a RATESDOTCA survey. No wonder that CAA was rated as the Best Overall car insurance provider in our Best Home and Auto Insurance Awards.

Beyond roadside assistance, here’s some of the other ways CAA helps members save money:

  • Insurance: Get discounts of up to 20% for bundling home and auto insurance with CAA, plus an additional 20% discount for being a member.
  • Fuel: Enjoy discounts on gas from participating gas stations.
  • Travel: Save on hotels, rental cars, and travel experiences.
  • Retail: Access discounts at various retail partners.
  • Advice: CAA provides members with free advice to address car-related concerns, like car-buying or selling a vehicle and mechanical advice.

Some of these benefits are exclusively available to CAA members. Membership options come with annual fees ranging from $30 to $195, but you could leverage your insurance savings to cover the cost. To find out if CAA offers the most competitive premium for your car insurance, compare rates on RATESDOTCA.

Recent Ontario auto insurance quotes

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Male, Age 21
May 22, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 404 / month
$4,847 / year
Average Quote
$ 511 / month
$6,136 / year
$ 107 / month
$1,289 / year
21.01 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Male, Age 34
May 21, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 310 / month
$3,716 / year
Average Quote
$ 424 / month
$5,091 / year
$ 115 / month
$1,375 / year
27.01 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Female, Age 25
May 21, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 591 / month
$7,094 / year
Average Quote
$ 739 / month
$8,868 / year
$ 148 / month
$1,774 / year
20.00 %
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CAA: Canada's best car insurance company in 2024

Getting an affordable car insurance rate is really important. But price isn’t the only thing you're probably concerned about. Knowing whether the provider you're eyeing supports its policyholders during critical moments is equally important, and you can't tell whether they do that just from the price tag.

To find the insurance companies that offer the best value in 2024, we gathered the candid feedback from nearly 9,000 drivers in Ontario and Alberta.

CAA Insurance emerged as the overall leader. Not only does it provide competitive rates, but it also excels in trustworthiness, product offerings, customer service, and environmental consciousness. Learn more about the methodology we used for the Best Home and Auto Insurer Awards.

CAA's Best Home and Auto Insurance Awards


Best Overall

Most Trustworthy

Auto Claims Experience

CAA is the best overall insurance company, say Canadian drivers surveyed by RATESDOTCA. It excels in trustworthiness, policy documents, and app technology.

Consumers also perceive CAA as having the cheapest premiums. Half of them opted for CAA due to its competitive pricing and value proposition, for example, complimentary tire coverage.

  • Rated highest in overall satisfaction by current customers.
  • Most affordable premiums, according to customers.
  • Coverage provides good value in return for premiums, customers also say.
  • Rated highly for having innovative products and coverage options.
  • Market leader in issuing policy documents that are easy to understand.

What does CAA Insurance offer?

CAA offers policyholders many ways to save on insurance and overall car ownership costs. When you become a CAA Member, your resources expand significantly, as membership provides access to exclusive services and discounts.

True to its non-profit roots, CAA also actively lobbies for legislative changes that enhance consumer rights. Its mandate includes advocating for traffic safety, infrastructure investments, and consumer data protections. 

CAA goes beyond just selling insurance—it’s a non-profit federation dedicated to serving drivers. Here’s what else you gain when you choose CAA Insurance:

  • Competitive prices on car insurance: Current customers chose CAA because they’re competitively priced and provide good value, according to RATESDOTCA's Best Home and Auto Insurance Awards. 
  • Pay-as-you-go car insurance: CAA was the first to introduce pay-as-you-go insurance in Canada. CAA MyPace is geared towards low-mileage drivers who log 12,000 km or less annually. With the program, you pay a base rate and then purchase coverage in increments of 1,000 km. A telematics device connects to your smartphone through the MyPace app. Additional kilometres are added automatically.
  • Discounts on insurance and car maintenance: CAA stands apart for the number of opportunities it provides for saving money. Here are some of them:
    • CAA Insurance offers both home and auto insurance, which you can bundle for a discount of up to 20%.
    • Bundling will also get you complimentary CAA Tire Coverage (more on that below)
    • The CAA Connect program is its telematics program. Tracking safe driving habits could lower your premiums by 15% at renewal. 
    • You might be able to score further discounts by being a CAA member. CAA advertises discounts of up to 20% for members in good standing. 
  • Complimentary tire coverage: Policyholders who bundle CAA home and auto insurance automatically get tire coverage that pays for a portion of repairs or replacements if they’re damaged by a road hazard. Up to four tires, including winter tires, are covered (up to $25 per tire for repairs, and no dollar limit per tire for a replacement). Coverage for mounting and balancing replacement tires is also included (up to $25 per tire).
  • Classic and antique car coverage: CAA Insurance covers cars that are at least 20 (classic) and 30 years (antique) years old. Not all insurers offer this type of coverage; you sometimes need to take out a separate policy with a specialty auto insurer.
  • Complimentary advice: As a consumer-based organization, CAA can help you get an objective second opinion on any car questions you might have. Members can book a time to speak with one of CAA’s experts who can advise on things like buying or selling a car, dealing with a recall, and even car repairs. 

Why choose CAA Insurance

There are many reasons to choose CAA as your car insurance provider. Here are a few of them.

Leads in customer satisfaction ratings: Drivers in Ontario and Alberta who are currently customers of CAA gave it high scores for product range, trustworthiness, and concern for the environment and sustainability. Because of this, CAA received the Best Overall Award for the RATESDOTCA 2024 Best Home and Auto Insurer Awards.

Competitive car insurance prices: Half of CAA customers surveyed for the Best Home and Auto Insurer Awards said they chose CAA because the rate offered was the best.

Leader in helping drivers save: On top of being an affordable insurance provider for many drivers, CAA offers many additional avenues for saving money. Bundling discounts, pay-as-you-go insurance, telematics programs, and membership discounts and complimentary coverages, just to name a few.

Trusted provider of roadside assistance: Since CAA is affiliated with AAA south of the border, CAA members have access to 24/7 emergency roadside assistance across North America. Services include towing, battery boosts, flat tire changes, and fuel delivery. Membership follows you, not the car, so you can draw upon your privileges even if you’re a passenger in someone else’s car or a rental.

Empowers consumers: CAA has ample resources for consumers looking to get the most value for their dollar. Boost your insurance policy by buying a membership, which will make you eligible to get expert advice on demand about everything from car buying, car selling, and even mechanical work. Beyond that, you also gain access to travel guides and travel planning.

Advocacy and education: CAA keeps its members up to date on safe driving practices and updates on traffic laws and does advocacy on data privacy and infrastructure improvements for motorists and cyclists, the rights of air passengers.

CAA Insurance contact information

Want to contact CAA Insurance about their auto and property insurance products? Here’s the information you need to get in touch. 

Toll-Free: 1-877-222-3939
Service: Toll-free 1-877-222-1717
Claims: Toll-free 1-877-222-1717
Email: cadsupport@caasco.ca

You can also get an auto insurance quote for CAA insurance on RATESDOTCA.

Frequently asked questions about CAA Insurance

Have more questions about CAA? We have answers.

Do CAA members get discounts on car insurance?

CAA members can get up to 20% off on their car insurance and 10% off home insurance. You can bundle a home and auto policy for even more savings. 

Who underwrites CAA insurance?

CAA underwrites its own insurance. It’s the underwriter of Echelon Insurance, which specializes in non-standard auto insurance policies. 

Is CAA Insurance Canada-wide?

CAA Insurance is available in the following provinces:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Canada
  • Alberta
  • B.C.

In Alberta, the association is known as the Alberta Motor vehicle Association (AMA). In B.C., it goes by as the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), but only home and travel insurance are available. 

CAA is a non-profit federation with more than seven million members in Canada and consists of eight regional clubs.

How long has CAA insurance been around?

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) traces its roots back to 1903, when it was the Toronto Automobile Club (which successfully lobbied the Ontario government to raise the speed limit from 13 km/h to 16 km/h).

The Canadian Automobile Federation was formed in 1913, changing the name to CAA three years after that.

CAA predates the Trans-Canada Highway (another of the group’s lobbying targets), mandatory seatbelts, and even mandatory drivers' licenses.

Alexandra Bosanac ,
Content Manager

Alexandra Bosanac has been a content manager for RATESDOTCA since 2021, specializing in auto insurance. She began covering auto insurance in 2017. Alexandra has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University. Before joining the RATESDOTCA editorial team, she reported for the Canadian Business, the Toronto Star, the National Post, and the CBC.

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