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$ 59 / month
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May 17, 2024
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$ 80 / month
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About Coachman Insurance

Founded in 1979, Coachman Insurance Company operates in Ontario and is regarded as a non-standard auto insurance coverage leader.

At-fault accidents? Coverage gaps? Extensive claims? Multiple convictions for road violations? Coachman may be the broker for you, as it's most well-known for offering policies for high-risk drivers in Ontario, including drivers rejected for coverage by other insurers. Coachman can help drivers get their insurance and driving histories back on track.

Coachman doesn't offer a one-size fits all auto insurance policy: you can customize yours with different add-ons to build an insurance package that's right for your needs. Optional add includes options like new vehicle depreciation coverage.

In 2001, Coachman was purchased by SGI Canada, which provides home, auto and business insurance in several provinces. This acquisition enabled SGI Canada to enter Ontario's insurance marketplace for the first time, offering vehicle insurance options to more Canadians.

Coachman Insurance Company is a property & casualty (P&C) insurer offering the following types of policies for auto, home and business customers:


  • Auto insurance
  • High-risk auto insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance


  • Condo insurance
  • Cottage insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Tenant insurance


  • 1- to 2-person contractor insurance
  • Business office insurance
  • Building owner's insurance
  • Custom business insurance
  • Professional services insurance
  • Retail insurance
  • Small to medium contractor insurance

Although Coachman Insurance Company focuses on non-standard auto insurance, for more than a decade it has offered commercial and personal policy options for home and business. The full range of Coachman products, including auto insurance policies for high-risk drivers are available through a network of independent Coachman brokers across Ontario.

Although Coachman Insurance Company focuses on non-standard auto insurance, it has offered commercial and personal policy options for home and business for over a decade. The full range of Coachman products, including auto insurance policies for high-risk drivers, are available through a network of independent Coachman brokers across Ontario.

According to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), Coachman's 2020 private passenger automobile direct written premium market share is 0.2040%.

Read on to learn more about what Coachman auto insurance can offer you, and use our online tool to compare Coachman auto insurance quotes and quotes from 50+ Canadian car insurance providers.

What does Coachman Insurance offer?

Coachman insurance offers an assortment of unique auto, home and business coverage packages to suit a variety of customer needs. Its specialty is providing coverage for high-risk drivers who often have trouble finding insurers due to imperfect driving records.

Drivers who have blemishes on their driving records like at-fault accidents, driving while impaired or excessive claims can benefit from Coachman's specialty of rehabilitating auto insurance records. Coachman insurance quotes are available for high-risk drivers, and the company tries to keep affordable prices for this specialty coverage. One way Coachman does this is by offering various discounts to help save money on Coachman auto insurance. Ask your Coachman insurance broker for more details.

Coachman auto insurance discounts include:

Claims-free discounts: Claims-free drivers who meet certain conditions are eligible for a Coachman vehicle insurance discount. This is only possible on a first Coachman policy and doesn't apply to returning customers who've previously cancelled their Coachman coverage.

Loyalty discounts: The longer you are insured with Coachman, the more you save. Customers who have been continuously insured with Coachman or SGI Canada (and who meet specific criteria) are eligible for a Coachman loyalty discount. Ask your Coachman car insurance broker for further details.

Multi-policy discounts: Customers who purchase car and home coverage with Coachman may qualify for a multi-policy discount.

New driver discounts: Coachman has special discount opportunities for drivers just starting out. Drivers who have successfully upgraded from an Ontario G1 class license to a G2 or from a G2 class license to a full G license may be eligible for a special discount. These savings apply for one year following the qualification date for the new license category.

Multi-vehicle discounts: Owners of multiple vehicles can save more with Coachman car insurance. Customers may qualify for the company's multi-vehicle discount by insuring more than one automobile with Coachman. This discount also applies when vehicles are in the same household but on separate Coachman or SGI Canada policies.

Retiree discounts: Customers who are retired from employment and either 65 and over or receiving a pension may qualify for a discounted Coachman insurance quote.

Winter tire discounts: A policyholder who puts four approved winter tires on their car can save money all year. Though the tires must be on your vehicle from November 30 to March 31, the winter tire discount applies to your entire year of Coachman insurance coverage.

Coachman Insurance contact information

Need to get in contact with Coachman Insurance Company with questions or concerns? Here’s how to reach Coachman with general inquiries, claims and complaints.

General inquiries web address


General inquiries mailing address

Coachman Insurance Company
10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M9B 6H7

General inquiries phone, fax, email

Toronto phone: 416-255-3417
Toll free phone: 1-800-361-2622
Fax: 416-255-3347

Coachman auto insurance claims

If you need to report a claim with Coachman Insurance Company, contact your Coachman insurance broker. Unable to reach them? Then contact Coachman directly during regular business hours. (Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST)

Auto claims contacts

Toronto phone: 416-255-3417
Toll free phone: 1-800-361-2622
Fax: 416-255-1454
Email: autoclaims@coachmanins.com

Property claims contacts

Phone: 416-255-3417
Toll free phone: 1-800-361-2622
Fax: 416-255-1454
Email: propertyclaims@coachmaninsurance.ca

After hours auto and property claims contact

Toll free phone: 1-800-361-2622

Complaint resolution

When clients have Coachman insurance complaints the company has an outlined process to follow to resolve them.

First, Coachman Insurance Company customers are asked to contact their independent Coachman broker. If the response received is unsatisfactory, clients should contact SGI Canada's ombudsman to review their complaint and the circumstances surrounding it.

Ombudsman mailing address

Office of the Ombudsman
Coachman Insurance Company
10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M9B 6H7

Ombudsman phone, fax, email

Toll free phone: 1-800-361-2622
Fax: 416-255-3347
Email: ombudsman@sgicanada.ca

If contacting Coachman Insurance Company’s ombudsman doesn’t result in a satisfactory resolution, there’s one further option. Coachman insurance customers can contact the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO), an independent dispute resolution service with their concerns.

GIO web address


GIO mailing address

General Insurance OmbudService
4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M2N 6K8

GIO phone, fax, email

Toll free phone: 1-877-225-0446
Fax: 416-299-4261
Email: info@giocanada.org

Frequently asked questions about Coachman Insurance

What type of insurance does Coachman insurance offer?

Coachman Insurance Company offers complete product lines of vehicle, home and business insurance to customers living in Ontario. Coachman insurance quotes are available for different policy combinations which reflect your unique needs.

Coachman specializes in non-standard auto insurance for high-risk drivers. A Coachman car insurance policy is an option for drivers to help rehabilitate poor driving records, even when other companies refuse coverage. Customers with multiple Coachman policies, such as automobile and home insurance, may qualify for a multi-policy discount. Ask your Coachman insurance agent for details.

Who owns Coachman Insurance?

Though previously independent, Coachman Insurance Company has been part of a larger firm for more than 20 years. Since 2001, Coachman has been owned by Regina-based SGI Canada. It was the parent company’s first entry into the Ontario insurance market.

Today SGI Canada operates in five Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. More than 2,000 employees presently work for SGI Canada, which partners with a network of nearly 500 independent insurance brokers.

What is the parent organization of Coachman Insurance?

Coachman Insurance Company’s parent organization is SGI Canada, which has been in the insurance industry for nearly 80 years. SGI Canada is a division of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), a Crown corporation.

In addition to its SGI Canada P&C insurance operations in five provinces (which includes Coachman in Ontario), SGI operates the Saskatchewan Auto Fund. This is Saskatchewan’s mandatory provincial vehicle insurance program, which also licenses drivers and registers vehicles in the province.

Does Coachman Insurance offer high-risk car insurance?

Yes, customers who have been denied coverage elsewhere are often eligible for Coachman auto insurance policies. Offering non-standard auto insurance to Ontarians has been one of Coachman Insurance Company’s specialties for over 40 years.

High-risk drivers who may wish to consider a Coachman policy include those with gaps in coverage and those with multiple claims or convictions for driving violations. Coachman insurance coverage helps high-risk drivers rehabilitate their driving record over time, allowing them to purchase standard auto insurance at a lower rate.

High-risk drivers may pay more than average for auto insurance, but they can take advantage of discounts offered by Coachman while rehabilitating their insurance. Get a Coachman auto insurance quote today to find out how much you may save.

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