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Written By Alexandra Bosanac


Car insurance in Kitchener  

Kitchener operates under a limited no-fault auto insurance system. It means your insurance provider pays any benefits you're entitled to; you don't have to sue another driver to get compensation for basic benefits. In most cases, the most contact you'll have with the other party is immediately after a collision, when you exchange insurance information.  

The no-fault system also entitles you to financial help even if you caused the accident. 

Ontario adopted the no-fault system in the '90s. The previous system was tort-based, which meant injured drivers had to sue for financial damages. The process was slow, inefficient, and expensive. 

In pure no-fault systems, injured drivers don't have the right to sue for additional damages on top of their claim payment. 

Ontario's limited no-fault system allows drivers to sue for damages like pain, suffering, and economic loss. Still, you must prove that the harm exceeds a financial threshold (about $5,000). 

No-fault doesn't mean you won't be held responsible for causing an accident. 

The Ontario Insurance Act outlines dozens of collision scenarios to determine which driver was at fault. 

Penalties for being at-fault range from premium increases to having your coverage cancelled. 

Mandatory and optional car insurance in Kitchener

Insurance type Mandatory coverage Optional/Additional coverage
Third-Party Liability $200,000 minimum. Provides coverage in the event of a lawsuit resulting from an accident where you are at fault. Coverage can be increased to $500,000, $1 million, or $2 million, with up to $2 million limit.
Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DC-PD) Covers damage to your car, or loss of use of your vehicle, if someone else is at fault. Must involve another insured vehicle. For additional vehicle coverage including for when you are at-fault, consider collision coverage.
Uninsured Automobile Insurance Provides up to $200,000 in coverage if you are injured or killed by an uninsured driver, or if your vehicle is damaged as a result of a hit-and-run by an unidentified, uninsured motorist. Family Protection Coverage is an optional coverage that includes additional coverage of up to $1 million in the case of a hit-and-run by an uninsured motorist.
Statutory Accident Benefits

Provides coverage if you are injured in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Covers medical expenses that aren’t covered by OHIP.

Income Replacement Benefits: Basic weekly income replacement of 70% of your gross income up to $400/wk.

Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefits: Up to $65,000 for serious injuries, and $1 million for catastrophic injuries.

Caregiver Benefits: Up to $250 per week for the first dependent, and $50 per week for each dependent after that.

Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Expenses: Maximum payout $100 per week.

Death and Funeral Benefits: Up to $25,000 is provided to your spouse, $10,000 for each dependent, and up to $6,000 in funeral costs in the event you are killed in an automobile accident.

Coverage limits can be increased.
Collision Coverage (Also Upset Coverage) Optional Covers the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle following a collision with another vehicle, an object, or property.
Comprehensive Coverage Optional Covers damages caused by named perils identified under the Specified Perils coverage, as well as losses from other perils like falling or flying objects, theft, fire, hail, windstorms, missiles, and vandalism.
Specified Perils Coverage Optional Covers damages caused by named perils such as theft, attempted theft, explosions, natural disasters like fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, rising water, earthquakes, and also other perils specified in your policy. Specified perils do not cover damages due to vandalism, breakage of glass, etc.
All-Perils Coverage Optional Combines collision/upset and comprehensive coverage. Also provides additional protection if a household member or an employee steals your vehicle.
OPCF 20: Coverage for Transportation Replacement Optional Covers the cost of your transportation replacement and rental car insurance if you were to get into a car accident or if your vehicle is stolen.
OPCF 27: Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s) Optional Covers if you damage a borrowed or rental vehicle. The coverage limit is usually around $25,000 to $50,000.
OPCF 39: Accident Waiver/Forgiveness Optional Protect your premium from rising when you have your first at-fault accident.
OPCF 43: Waiver of Depreciation Optional Protects you by removing your insurer's right to deduct depreciation from the value of your vehicle when settling a claim. This coverage is for new vehicles with fewer than 5,000 kilometres.
OPCF 44R: Family Protection Coverage Optional Protects you if you or a family member is injured, regardless of whether you or your family members are in the car when the accident occurs

Recent auto insurance quotes in Kitchener-Waterloo

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from KITCHENER, ONTARIO
Female, Age 33
2021 MAZDA CX-30 GT 2.5T 4DR AWD
June 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 189 / month
$2,264 / year
Average Quote
$ 317 / month
$3,803 / year
$ 128 / month
$1,539 / year
40.47 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from KITCHENER, ONTARIO
Male, Age 27
June 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 553 / month
$6,636 / year
Average Quote
$ 667 / month
$8,008 / year
$ 114 / month
$1,372 / year
17.13 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from KITCHENER, ONTARIO
Male, Age 28
June 16, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 299 / month
$3,582 / year
Average Quote
$ 371 / month
$4,456 / year
$ 73 / month
$874 / year
19.61 %
Auto insurance quotes are compared from CAA, Coachman Insurance Company, Echelon Insurance, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Onlia Insurance, Pafco, Pembridge, SGI, Travelers, Zenith Insurance Company

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How much does car insurance cost in Kitchener?  

The average cost of car insurance in Kitchener was $1,346 per year in late 2021, according to the RATESDOTCA Insuramap.

Kitchener is considered a large city, and many cities of its kind saw significant reductions in auto insurance prices. Unfortunately, Kitchener bypassed the trend.

The average insurance cost increased, albeit fractionally: year over year, prices rose by $5 or 0.4%. The collective driving habits of everyone within a region dictate car insurance prices. An increase could be indicative of rising claims in the area.

Kitchener car insurance rates by postal code

FSA Average 2021 premium
N2A $1,331
N2B $1,382
N2C $1,331
N2E $1,331
N2G $1,331
N2H $1,382
N2M $1,331
N2N $1,382
N2P $1,331
N2R $1,331

Average insurance premium numbers are according to data from RATESDOTCA Insuramap.

Insurance companies use forward sortation areas (geographical areas delineated by the first three letters of your postal code) to group, or pool, customers.

The highest premiums in Kitchener were found in these forward sortation areas:

  • N2B (Rosemount, Heritage Park, Grand River North, Central Frederick, Victoria North)
  • N2H (Auditorium, Central Frederick, City Commercial Core, Civic Centre, Eastwood, Fairfield, King East, Mount Hope Huron Park, Northward)
  • N2N (Forest Heights, Highland West)

The lowest premiums were found in:

  • N2A (Centreville Chicopee, Grand River South, Heritage Park, Idlewood, Stanley Park)
  • N2C (Alpine, Country Hills East, Trillium Industrial Park, Vanier)
  • N2E (Alpine, Country Hills, Country Hills West, Laurentian Hills, Laurentian West, Trillium Industrial Park)
  • N2G (Cherry Hill, City Commercial Core, KW Hospital, King East, Mill Courtland Woodside Park, Victoria Park)
  • N2M (Cherry Hill, Forest Hill, Mill Courtland Woodside Park, Southdale, St. Marys Hospital, Victoria Hills, Westmount)
  • N2P (Doon South, Lower Doon, Pioneer Park, Pioneer Tower East, Pioneer Tower West)
  • N2R (Brigadoon, Huron Park, South Plains, Trillium Industrial Park, Trussler)

All estimated premiums are based on a 35-year-old male who drives a 2018 Honda Civic four-door with a clean driving record (gender becomes less of a concern for insurance providers after about age 30).

How does Kitchener's average car insurance rate compare to other cities in Ontario? 

Kitchener is solidly in the midpoint. Prices here are in the 50th percentile, meaning 50% of other cities surveyed are likely to have a higher average rate, while the other 50% have an average rate lower than Kitchener's.

Compared to the provincial average, Kitchener drivers save $209 a year simply for living in Kitchener.

Kitchener drivers are also getting a bargain compared to their immediate neighbours. Its twin city, Waterloo, had a slightly higher average premium (a difference of $5). Nearby Cambridge and Guelph have rates that are 5% and 3% higher, respectively.

Regional comparison of Kitchener's auto insurance rates
2021 average estimated premium % difference from Kitchener
Kitchener $1,346 --
Waterloo $1,351 +0.4%
Guelph $1,391 +3%
Cambridge $1,412 +5%

Kitchener has seen an influx of former Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents in recent years. An overall lower cost of living is one of the city's top selling points. Car insurance prices are just one data point, but they illustrate how expensive it has become to live in the GTA.

By looking at quotes for a driver with a good insurance history, car insurance in Vaughan, Ontario's most expensive city for insurance, costs $833 more per year, or 38% more than what Kitchener drivers pay. And it has nothing to do with the individual driver – it's simply because they live in Vaughan.

Out of a potential 53 spots, Kitchener placed 35th in our ranking of Ontario cities by car insurance price.

Provincial comparison of Kitchener's auto insurance rates
Rank City 2021 average estimated premium % difference from Kitchener’s average
1 Vaughan $2,179 +61%
2 Ajax $2,104 +56%
3 Richmond Hill $2,025 +50%
4 Brampton $1,976 +47%
5 Mississauga $1,971 +46%
6 Pickering $1,959 +46%
7 Toronto $1,953 +45%
8 Oshawa $1,833 +36%
9 Whitby $1,792 +33%
10 Nobleton, Schomberg, Orangeville, King City $1,766 +31%
35 Kitchener $1,346 --

Which companies offer car insurance quotes in Kitchener?

Company name Company type Phone number Address
All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited Insurance brokerage 519-208-0220 229 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON N2H 2M7
Allstate Insurance: Williamsburg Town Centre Agency Insurance agency 226-444-5575 1187 Fischer-Hallman Rd Unit 606, Kitchener, ON N2E 4H9
Billyard Insurance Group - Kitchener Insurance brokerage 519-969-2929 500 Fairway Rd S #201, Kitchener, ON N2C 1X3
BrokerLink Insurance brokerage 519-576-5242 230 The Boardwalk #1, Kitchener, ON N2N 0B1
InsuranceHotline.com Quotes comparison 1-855-821-7312 360 Adelaide St W suite 100, Toronto, ON M5V 1R7
KW Insurance Brokers Insurance brokerage 519-744-4190 501 Krug St Unit 112, Kitchener, ON N2B 1L3
LowestRates.ca Quotes comparison 1-855-487-6911 1910 Yonge St Suite 401, Toronto, ON M4S 3B2
RATESDOTCA Quotes comparison 1-844-726-0907 360 Adelaide St W suite 100, Toronto, ON M5V 1R7
RBC Insurance Insurance company 519-894-2515 1020 Ottawa St N B, Kitchener, ON N2A 3Z3
Scoop Insurance Quotes comparison 1-866-456-6620 300 Lincoln St unit 22, Welland, ON L3B 4N4

Factors that affect your Kitchener car insurance premium 

Your car insurance premium is affected by many factors. We've shortlisted the ones that have the most impact.

Driving record

The longer you've been licensed — and steered clear of driving convictions — the cheaper your car insurance will be. The groups paying the most for insurance are those with limited experience and those with checkered driving and insurance histories. What counts as a good driving and insurance history? It means you haven't been convicted of speeding, driving under the influence, or driving without a licence. Driving convictions stay on your record for about six years. Fear not; parking tickets don't count because they're not considered a moving violation.

Insurance history 

Being a long-time policyholder is great for your rate. The older you are, the more insurance companies view you as trustworthy. Unfortunately, drivers in their teens and twenties have yet to build an insurance history. They are hit with some of the highest premiums out of anyone.

Car make and model 

It will cost more to insure a car with all the latest upgrades than one with entry-level trim. It's all due to repair and replacement costs. The more expensive the vehicle, the more it costs to repair or replace. But even humble models can be costly to insure due to theft. For example, in 2022, Honda CR-Vs and Accords were targeted for their catalytic converters by thieves. A global shortage of precious metals used to make converters is attributed to the increase in thefts.

Optional car insurance coverage 

Purchasing more coverage than is legally required in Ontario will increase your car insurance premium. But sometimes buying more insurance is a good idea.

For example, many Ontario drivers purchase the mandatory minimum amount of liability insurance ($200,000), but experts recommend buying at least $1 million in liability since the cost to access legal counsel has increased in recent years. Increasing your accident benefits is also a sound investment, as medical costs have also risen.

If you're looking for areas to cut back, consider whether you need collision or comprehensive insurance. Unless your car is financed or leased, or its model year is less than three years old, it might be cost-effective to pay for repairs or a replacement out of pocket. An insurance professional can help you slim down your policy responsibly.


Insurance companies rate drivers based on territory and rely on forward sortation areas (FSA) to define the boundaries. An FSA is the first three letters of your postal code.

Your premium is affected by the other policyholders that reside in the same FSA. Suppose many of your neighbours are filing insurance claims. In that case, your rate could be negatively impacted, even if you didn't do anything wrong yourself. If the opposite is true, your premium will be cheaper.

Tips to get cheap car insurance in Kitchener  

  • Compare quotes - The Ontario and federal governments recommend comparison shopping before committing to a car insurance company. Rates comparison websites like ours have made it easier to follow that advice. Enter your postal code, and we'll source quotes from the leading insurance companies serving Kitchener in less than three minutes.
  • Increase your deductible - Insurance companies make you pay a deductible if you claim certain coverages. A deductible is an amount you pay before your insurer pays the rest of your benefit. Deductibles are supposed to deter people from filing a claim (or to incentivize better driving habits, depending on how you look at it). By offering to pay a larger deductible, you're offering to take on more risk, which makes you look more trustworthy in the eyes of your provider. They'll lower your premium in return.
  • Buy an appropriate amount of insurance - Buying more liability and accident insurance is a wise move. Still, there are other coverage types that you can afford to chuck. Talk to an insurance professional about whether you need comprehensive or collision insurance. Neither of these coverages is considered necessary for cars over five years old; it's often cheaper to pay for out-of-pocket repairs. However, you might be required to have this type of coverage if you're leasing or financing a vehicle (getting rid of them would violate your contract).
  • Drive less - Consider substituting some trips with public transportation. The less often you use your car, the less it will cost to insure. With so many people working remotely, acting on this advice is easier than ever. If your workplace has transitioned to full or part-time remote work and you still need to tell your insurance company, make sure you do. It could help reduce your premium.
  • Bundle home and auto insurance - Buying home and auto coverage with the same company, also known as bundling, will reduce your annual insurance costs by up to 15%.
  • Try telematics - Telematics programs are now available in Ontario. Telematics refers to technology that insurers use to monitor your driving habits. These include how hard you brake, your average speed, the time of day you drive most, and the number of kilometres you log. Being a good driver could reduce your car insurance by up to 25% when it renews. Just be aware that insurers can use the data to justify raising your premium.
  • Pay upfront - Insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who pay their annual premiums upfront at renewal — a small gesture for helping them lower their administrative costs.
  • Apply for discounts - You can get a discount for being an alumnus of a post-secondary institution or for your association with a professional organization or union. Some insurers have discount programs for high school and post-secondary students that reward them for maintaining a solid grade point average.
  • Avoid additional drivers - Adding a secondary driver to your vehicle will raise your premium. If a household member uses the car occasionally, consider delisting them as a secondary driver.
  • Buy an endorsement - Endorsements are optional car insurance coverages that amend the terms of your insurance policy. Some endorsements can lower your premium by reducing your coverage in some areas. For example, you can waive coverage for glass repair in exchange for a lower premium. Talk to an insurance professional about whether this tactic suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions about Kitchener car insurance

Have more questions about Kitchener car insurance? We have answers.

Which company has the cheapest car insurance in Kitchener?

No insurance company offers flat-rate insurance. Premiums are determined by how much risk an individual within a particular geographic territory presents.

That means the price offered to you by one company could be vastly different from what your friends and family pay. The best way to find out which company offers the cheapest rate is to compare quotes from multiple companies. 

What are the best car insurance companies in Kitchener? 

The answer to that question will be different for everyone. Car insurance is an entirely different animal compared to other goods and services. Compare car insurance companies to see which can offer enough protection at the lowest price.

Can I get month-to-month car insurance in Kitchener?

Unlike pay-as-you-go phone plans, month-to-month car insurance doesn't exist in Ontario. Insurance companies require a one-year commitment in return for coverage. Some insurers offer terms of six months, but they're few and far between.

You could purchase a one-year insurance policy and terminate it when you stop needing it. You will be charged a fee for doing so, but usually isn't too stiff.

Another alternative is usage-based insurance. It's a relatively new product in Canada that's best suited for low-mileage drivers. Here's how it works: you pay a base rate and a set number of kilometres (usually 1,000 kms) and then pay extra for every additional 1,000 km you drive. Installing a device that monitors your car usage is a requirement.

You could also purchase an endorsement that allows you to pause your coverage if you store your car. It’s known as OPCF16, Suspension of Coverage. 

How do I get car insurance as a new driver in Kitchener?

The same way any other driver would. The traditional approach for obtaining insurance is to go to an insurance agent or broker.

Now, you can compare multiple insurance companies and brokerages in one go using a rates comparison site like RATESDOTCA.

New drivers, regardless of age, can expect to be charged higher than average premiums, making shopping around even more critical. Inexperienced drivers may pay the most, but our quote data shows they stand to find the most significant savings of any group.

Start a quote on RATESDOTCA and see which company or broker offers your lowest rate.

Is ride-sharing insurance available in Kitchener?

Yes, ride-sharing insurance is available throughout Ontario. The largest rideshare companies offer insurance to drivers. For example, Uber provides drivers rideshare insurance, which is underwritten by Economical insurance. If you're with another insurer, don't worry; ride-sharing insurance won't conflict with your personal policy. Rideshare platforms have partnered with insurers to provide commercial insurance coverage from the moment you turn the app to when you turn it off. When you log off, your personal insurance applies.

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) maintains a list of all the recognized rideshare apps and the insurance companies that underwrite their driver policies:

Why is car insurance expensive in Kitchener?  

Car insurance is quite affordable in Kitchener compared to the average premiums in the Greater Toronto Area. However, prices will likely rise in the coming years, but likely at a different rate than other cities like Vaughan or Brampton.

Due to a growing downtown core and a thriving tech-focused job market, many young professionals rely on their cars to get to work. When roads get busier, commute times increase — and so do the chances of getting into accidents or a fender bender. All of these factors eventually lead to car insurance rate increases. Drivers in Kitchener-Waterloo can save big on auto insurance simply by shopping around. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) recommends getting multiple quotes from different companies to save on auto insurance.

Why are Kitchener-Waterloo roads getting so busy?

Kitchener is the fourth largest city in Ontario. An estimated 522,888 people lived and worked in Kitchener, according to the 2021 census, representing an increase of 10.5% since 2016. The Region of Waterloo is renowned for its universities and colleges like the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Conestoga College. The region is also home to a buzzing tech scene. Tech and software companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Blackberry, and Open Text, to name a few, have headquarters there. In addition, a significantly lower cost of living has made Kitchener a desirable city. 

These reasons contribute to more vehicles on Kitchener's streets and, in some cases, higher insurance premiums. Compare quotes today to find out if you could get a better deal on your KW car insurance.

What discounts are available for drivers in Kitchener-Waterloo?  

The best way to keep your insurance costs low is to maintain a clean driving record, free of traffic tickets and claims. Of course, there are other ways to lower car insurance rates.

  • Consider insuring all the vehicles in your household together.
  • If you have home insurance, consider purchasing car insurance from the same insurer for a multi-line discount.
  • Take advantage of low mileage discounts.
  • Think about dropping collision or comprehensive coverage on older cars.
  • Install an anti-theft device in your vehicle.
  • Take an accredited ministry-approved driver’s education course.
  • Increase your deductible amount.
  • Take advantage of alumni discounts
  • Ask the insurance company about their list of discounts you might be eligible for. 

Can I save money on car insurance by using public transit?

Yes, use public transit whenever possible. Commuting via transit can save you money on your car insurance, as the less you drive, the more you save. Commuting happens when roads are busiest, increasing your likelihood of being in an accident. Thankfully, you have options in Kitchener. 

The Grand River Transit serves Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo. There is also daily GO bus and train service to Toronto. The ION light rail service starts at Conestoga station in Waterloo and ends at Fairway station in Kitchener, with 19 stops along the route. Shave some bucks off your car insurance by switching your commute to public transit.

car mascot.png

We saved Kitchener drivers a total of $9,847,627 last year.**

Sure, it’s easy to stay with your current insurer and to let your policy renew automatically. But you could be leaving money on the table by not shopping around.

Take three minutes to see if another insurance company can offer you a better rate. RATESDOTCA compares more car insurance providers than anyone else, so you can be confident that you’re finding the lowest price on car insurance.  As you can see, the savings add up.

Join the thousands of Kitchener drivers who use RATESDOTCA to lower their car insurance bills today.

*Shoppers in Kitchener who obtained a quote on RATESDOTCA from January to December 2023 saved an average of $546 per year. The average savings represent the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third-lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

**Represents the average saved by shoppers who obtained a Kitchener quote on RATESDOTCA and transacted via our contact centre between January and December 2021. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

Alexandra Bosanac ,
Content Manager

Alexandra Bosanac has been a content manager for RATESDOTCA since 2021, specializing in auto insurance. She began covering auto insurance in 2017. Alexandra has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University. Before joining the RATESDOTCA editorial team, she reported for the Canadian Business, the Toronto Star, the National Post, and the CBC.

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