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Car insurance in North Bay

North Bay sits on Lake Nipissing in northeastern Ontario. With a population of more than 51,000, it is relatively small compared to communities in the southern area of the province.  

Because it is in Ontario, drivers in North Bay follow the same limited no-fault insurance system as the rest of the province. No-fault means that drivers in an accident are reimbursed for legal and medical expenses by their respective insurance agencies. You can still be found responsible for causing an accident and face consequences under a no-fault system.

No-fault auto insurance also includes direct compensation property damage (DCPD) coverage. It ensures that if another car collides with your vehicle and damages it, your insurance company will pay to replace or repair it, and it won't impact your premium. The settlement is proportionate with the degree of fault. For example, if you're 75% at fault, you'll only receive 25% of the possible settlement; if you're 75% not at fault, you'll receive 75%. 

Ontario allows lawsuits in cases of pain and suffering, loss of income, and other damages. 

Unlike provinces such as B.C., Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, Ontario's insurance system is private. However, Ontario still has a regulatory board that monitors the price of auto insurance: the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). Insurance companies must submit requests to change their rates to FSRA along with a justification for the increase or decrease.

Recent auto insurance quotes in North Bay

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from NORTH BAY, ONTARIO
Male, Age 43
2015 MAZDA CX-5 GX 4DR 2WD
July 18, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 272 / month
$3,262 / year
Average Quote
$ 368 / month
$4,417 / year
$ 96 / month
$1,155 / year
26.15 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from NORTH BAY, ONTARIO
Male, Age 18
July 18, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 304 / month
$3,646 / year
Average Quote
$ 388 / month
$4,652 / year
$ 84 / month
$1,006 / year
21.63 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from NORTH BAY, ONTARIO
Female, Age 33
July 18, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 169 / month
$2,033 / year
Average Quote
$ 209 / month
$2,508 / year
$ 40 / month
$475 / year
18.94 %
Auto insurance quotes are compared from CAA, Coachman Insurance Company, Echelon Insurance, Economical Insurance, Gore Mutual, Onlia Insurance, Pafco, Pembridge, SGI, Travelers, Zenith Insurance Company

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How much does car insurance cost in North Bay?

North Bay's average car insurance premium was $1,351 in 2022, or about $112 monthly. It has increased by roughly 8.6% since 2020 when the average was $1,234.

How do North Bay car insurance rates compare to other cities?

City Average premium 2022
North Bay $1,351
Sault St. Marie $1,398
Sudbury $1,258
Ottawa $1,257
Pembroke $1,206
Petawawa $1,206
Perth $1,206
Smith Falls $1,188
Huntsville $1,187

Average insurance premiums according to data from RATESDOTCA Insuramap.

Compared to the provincial average, currently $1,551 per year, North Bay residents pay more than 14% less for insurance.

Claims (the amount that insurers pay customers when they report a loss) have a huge role in dictating the cost of auto insurance. Lower overall claims equal lower premiums. Given North Bay's size and population, its auto insurance premium would be cheaper than the provincial average.

Which companies offer car insurance quotes in North Bay?

Company Company type Phone number Address
Allstate Insurance Insurance agency 705-482-1650 789 McKeown Ave #5, North Bay, ON P1B 0C8
Broker Link Insurance agency 705-474-4430 1145 Cassells St, North Bay, ON P1B 4B4
Co-operators Insurance agency 705-474-5900 326 Airport Rd, North Bay, ON P1B 8W9
Demarco-Lucenti Insurance Brokers Insurance agency 705-474-2420 693 Cassells St, North Bay, ON P1B 4A1
Gifford Car Insurance Group Insurance broker 705-707-9917 400 Airport Rd Unit # 3, North Bay, ON P1B 0A6
Insurance Hotline Quotes comparison 1-855-821-7312 225 King St W, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON, M5V 3M2
Kennedy Insurance Brokers Insurance agency 705-472-5950 160 King St W, North Bay, ON P1B 5Z7
Knox Hutchison Insurance Insurance broker 705-475-0001 288 2nd Ave W, North Bay, ON P1B 3K9
LowestRates.ca Quotes comparison 1-855-487-6911 1910 Yonge St Suite 401, Toronto, ON M4S 3B2
RATESDOTCA Quotes comparison 1-844-726-0907 225 King St W, Suite 1000, Toronto, ON, M5V 3M2
Scoop Insurance Brokerage 1-844-726-0907 300 Lincoln St unit 22, Welland, ON L3B 4N4

Factors that affect your North Bay car insurance premium

Your driving record

Establishing a safe driving record through good habits will help keep your North Bay auto insurance rates low. That means obeying the laws and building a history free of offences like speeding, drunk driving or driving without a licence. 

Staying free of convictions takes work, but it's even harder to clear your record once there's something on it. If you’re convicted under the Highway Traffic Act, the conviction will remain on your record for six years. 

Your insurance history 

North Bay auto insurance providers scrutinize past claims history to indicate your future behaviour. But beyond reducing or eliminating claims, you can also: 

  • Pay bills on time  
  • Be selective about filing claims 
  • Be honest about your needs and where you live 
  • Practice defensive driving 

Younger drivers will pay more for North Bay auto insurance due to inexperience and lack of insurance history. Staying safe and building a good driving history will help reduce North Bay auto insurance premiums, but it takes time and effort. 

Your coverage 

Buying more insurance than the minimum requirement will increase your premium, but it often makes good financial sense. Over the years, replacement and medical and legal expenses have increased, so anticipating these costs should play into your insurance thinking. Talking to a professional about your needs and potential future costs is an excellent place to start. 

Also, consider the age of your car. Newer cars (less than three years old) are more expensive to replace and repair and might need extra coverage.  

Your commute 

Commuting can raise the cost of your North Bay auto insurance. The more time you spend in your vehicle, the more likely you could end up in an accident or need to make a claim. 

Your neighbourhood 

Insurance companies use forward sortation areas (FSAs) to determine boundaries. North Bay car insurance companies will determine your rate in part by looking at the first three letters of your postal code. If a particular area has more claims, then policyholders will be surcharged. The opposite is true if claims are low in your postal code area.

Tips on how to get cheap car insurance in North Bay

1) Compare quotes 

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance in North Bay is by comparison shopping on sites like RATESDOTCA. We aggregate quotes from top insurance providers, giving you the final say on which insurer to choose.

Just provide information about your car insurance needs, and we’ll do the rest. It’s simple, fast and free.

2) Increase your deductible 

Increasing your deductible reduces the risk your North Bay insurance provider has to take on, giving them the room to offer a discount on your insurance. It can save you money in the short-term but could also cost you should you need to make a claim. Talk to your insurance professional about how much you should increase your deductible.

3) Get the appropriate amount of coverage 

Different drivers have different needs. You may need additional liability or accident insurance, depending on your situation. If you have a car older than three years old, it may not make sense to have collision or comprehensive insurance. Talk to your North Bay auto insurance professional about what makes sense.

4) Drive less 

You may have already started driving less as a work-from-home lifestyle change, or you may want to consider other means of transportation, like carpooling.

Either way, less driving means fewer chances for claims and accidents and, ultimately, a potential for auto insurance reductions.

5) Bundle home and auto insurance 

Bundling home and auto coverage under one provider can save you as much as 15%. It reduces administrative costs for your provider, and they appreciate the loyalty of your business. These two items can result in a discount from your provider.

6) Try telematics 

Telematics is a device auto insurance companies can install into your car to monitor your driving habits.

It records your driving and braking speed, acceleration, and distance travelled.

The reductions can be steep – up to 25% in some cases.

However, Ontario insurance companies now have the right to penalize you based on data collected through telematics.

So, unless you know you're a good driver — or if you have a secondary driver listed on your policy that you're iffy about — enrolling in telematics could backfire.

7) Pay for the year upfront 

Insurance companies often show appreciation for your payment by offering a discount.

8) Apply for discounts 

Some North Bay auto insurance companies offer discounts for members of a particular association, alumni group or unions. Ask your provider if you qualify.

9) Avoid additional drivers 

The more drivers you add to your insurance policy, the higher premiums. Be sure they need the use of the car before adding them on.

10) Buy an endorsement 

Endorsements are optional car insurance coverages that alter the terms of your insurance policy.

Unlike other optional forms of insurance that enhance your coverage, like collision or comprehensive insurance, endorsements can be used to reduce your coverage in one area.

For example, you can waive coverage for glass repair in exchange for a lower premium. Talk to an insurance professional about whether this tactic makes sense for you.

Frequently asked questions about car insurance in North Bay

Have more questions about car insurance? We answer them here.

Which company has the cheapest car insurance in North Bay?

Each driver will have different needs when it comes to North Bay auto insurance, and the price of coverage will vary by insurer. That’s why it’s difficult to say how offers the cheapest rates. It’s best to comparison shop on sites like RATESDOTCA. It only takes seconds of your time to see the cheapest rates from more than 50 providers.

Can I get month-to-month car insurance in North Bay?

Month-to-month insurance coverage isn't available in North Bay.

It is possible to find insurance companies that offer six-month long plans instead of the typical one-year policy.

You could always by a one-year policy and cancel it but that may cost you extra for canceling too early out of your contract.

Another option is pay-as-you-go insurance, also known as usage-based insurance (UBI). This is a relatively new product in Ontario, and it’s mainly meant for low-mileage drivers. The idea is, you purchase coverage for a base number of annual kilometres (usually 10,000 km or less), and you pay extra for any kilometres you log on top of that. It requires installing a telematics device (a monitor, essentially) in your car so your insurer can track the number of kilometres you drive.

How do I get car insurance as a new driver in North Bay?

Just like everyone else, you’ll need to talk to a North Bay insurance agency or broker or buy insurance direct from a provider (also known as ‘direct writers’). Sites like RATESDOTCA are a great place to start your journey since we host agencies, brokerages, and direct writers in our digital marketplace.

New drivers typically pay the most for coverage out of any demographic due to a lack of driving and insurance history. However, since rates their rates are already high, these drivers often find the most savings when they compare rates.

In less than three minutes, you'll be able to see the rates from 50+ insurance providers, starting with your lowest one.

I’m an adult who just started driving. What will my car insurance rate be?

Adults who get insured for the first time will likely pay less than someone in their teens but more than their peers who have been insured since getting their licence in high school.

For people who have driven since their teens, car insurance premiums start falling at about age 25 or 30. Drivers in their 50s and 60s usually get the cheapest rates because they have experience and are considered lower risk by many insurance companies.

Compare rates on RATESDOTCA to see if you can get a better deal and consider driving less and changing your policy to a casual driver rather than full-time.

Is ridesharing insurance available in North Bay?

Yes, ride-sharing insurance is available throughout Ontario, including North Bay.

All legal rideshare companies in the province offer insurance to drivers.

Commercial insurance coverage applies from the moment you turn on the app. When you're not logged on, your personal insurance applies.

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario maintains a list of all the recognized rideshare apps and the insurance companies that underwrite their driver policies:

*Shoppers in North Bay who obtained a quote on RATESDOTCA from January to December 2023 saved an average of $438 per year. The average savings represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third-lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

Joel Kranc ,

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He is the author of "Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps," which, when released in 2015, was No. 11 on the Publisher's Weekly US Bestseller List for Business and Finance, beating out Mark Cuban's "How to Win at the Sport of Business."

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