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Do I need motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory for bike-owners in Ontario. It is a type of coverage distinct from other forms of auto insurance, which means your motorcycle cannot simply be added as a second vehicle to an existing car insurance policy.

Whether your motorcycle is your primary vehicle for travel, or is something you haul out of the garage for an occasional pleasure ride, insurance is a legal requirement in Ontario. You might as well let us find you the best coverage.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

A standard motorcycle insurance policy includes third-party liability coverage, accident benefits and uninsured motorist coverage.

  • Third-party liability: Will provide coverage against potential lawsuits and claims, in the event you cause injury or damage to someone else's property while riding your bike.
  • Accident benefits coverage: Will cover the costs if you or a family member is injured or killed in an accident.
  • Uninsured motorist: Will cover medical costs and damages if an uninsured rider is found to be at fault for an event you are involved in.

These protections cover you from many of the perils you'll face on the road, but not all. If you're looking to increase coverage against damages, injury or both, you can add additional protection for a fee.

Motorcycle insurance add-ons

To drive a motorcycle in Ontario, you are legally required to have third-party liability, accident benefits and uninsured motorist coverage. Your choices for additional, optional coverage, include:

  • Collision or upset coverage: This coverage addresses damages that occur when your motorcycle is involved in a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This coverage addresses damages caused by non-collision events, such as hail, graffiti, etc.
  • All perils coverage: This coverage offers both collision and comprehensive protection, as well as increased theft protection.
  • Specified perils coverage: This coverage protects your motorcycle from specified perils, such as fire or theft. As the name implies, what is and what is not covered can be specified on a policy-by-policy basis.

If you’re unsure which add-ons you may need, ask your insurance provider for more information. They can help you get a sense as to whether or not an add-on is necessary.

Shopping for motorcycle insurance online in Ontario

RATESDOTCA shows you motorcycle insurance quotes from top Canadian insurance providers. Just enter a few details about yourself and your bike, and you'll be able to find the cheapest policy available.

By comparing motorcycle quotes in a single place, you'll be able to find the best policy at the best price. Our service is free and easy, and you're under no obligation to purchase the policies you're shown. If you've already got the cheapest insurance on the market, you can always renew. But it never hurts to check.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance

Here’s all you need to know about motorcycle insurance in Ontario.

What kind of motorcycle insurance do I need?

Having a standard motorcycle insurance policy is mandatory in all Canadian provinces. A standard policy includes third party liability, accident benefits and uninsured motorist coverage.

If you’re looking for more protection, you can choose to augment your policy with add-ons, such as all-perils or collision coverage. Whether or not add-ons are necessary depends on a few different factors, like the cost of your bike and how often you ride it.

If I own a restricted-speed motorcycle, am I still required to have motorcycle insurance?

Yes, you are still required to have motorcycle insurance because restricted speed motorcycles and mopeds have the same insurance and licence requirements as a standard motorcycle in Ontario.

If I customize my motorcycle, will my aftermarket add-ons be covered by my insurance policy?

Yes! If you customize your motorcycle, your provider can offer you coverage for aftermarket parts and accessories. You can also purchase additional coverage if your existing policy limits are too low for your liking. Here are the aftermarket parts and accessories that are typically covered by insurers:

  • Sidecars and trailers
  • Custom paint
  • Helmets
  • Saddlebags/on-bike storage
  • Exhausts/muffler modifications
  • Custom lighting
  • Windshields.
  • Hand/foot controls
  • Other items not sold by the manufacturer

Ask your insurance provider for more details about customized motorcycle coverage.

Can I drive my off-road motorcycle on the road without insurance?

In Ontario, you cannot drive an off-road motorcycle on the road without having motorcycle insurance. You must have at least standard coverage and an M2 licence to drive an off-road motorcycle on the road.

Which two-wheeled vehicles need motorcycle insurance in Ontario?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada mandates that all motorcycles, mopeds, motor-scooters, and motor-assisted bicycles, must have insurance coverage, unless you only drive them exclusively on private property.

What factors affect my motorcycle insurance premium?

Insurance providers calculate motorcycle insurance premiums similar to the way they calculator car insurance premiums. Here are the main factors that determine your motorcycle insurance premium:

  • Age
  • Driver’s licence level
  • Riding history
  • Make and model of the motorcycle
  • Area of residence

How can I save money on my motorcycle insurance premium?

Looking to reduce your motorcycle insurance premium? Here are four things that can help:

  • Install a security system: Installing a security system on your motorcycle will not only reduce the risk of theft, it'll reduce your insurance premium.
  • Alumni and association discounts: Ask your provider about the alumni or association discounts they offer to see if you’re eligible.
  • Take a certified course: Some providers will reduce your premium when you take a certified motorcycle course, as this shows you’re well-versed with safety precautions and road rules.
  • Bundle your policies: Bundling your motorcycle insurance with home or auto insurance can help you save anywhere from 10-15%. Check to see if your provider offers a bundling discount.

Should I insure my motorcycle during the winter?

Yes! You may not be driving your motorcycle much in the winter, but having year-round coverage is important for protecting your bike from theft or damage. If you cancel your insurance policy during the winter, you'll have to pay out of pocket for any costs incurred while your bike is in storage.

How do I file a motorcycle insurance claim?

The process for filing a motorcycle insurance claim is similar to filing a car insurance claim. You'll need to describe the event that caused the claim, and support the claim with photos if possible. Once you've filed, your insurance provider will confirm the event is covered by your policy and determine the level of reimbursement you are entitled to.

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