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Frequently asked questions about Special Offers

Here are some questions you may have about your special credit card offer.

I have been approved by the issuer for the credit card. When will RATESDOTCA send my cash bonus?

RATESDOTCA must wait to receive your approval confirmation from the issuer (bank). Please allow up to 7 business days for us to be notified. After which, your status will be updated to "Approved", and we will issue you the cash bonus.

It has been over 7 business days since I was approved for the credit card by the issuer, and I still see my status as "Subscribed" or "Pending". What should I do?

Rare technical issues can arise between the issuer and RATESDOTCA during the confirmation process. If you have been waiting more than 7 business days for you status to change to "Approved", please fill out a "Inquiry Form". We will submit this form to the issuer as an alternative way to confirm your approval status. Please allow up to 5 weeks for this form to be reviewed and we will notify you of the results via email.

How will I be receiving my cash bonus from RATESDOTCA?

You can expect an e-transfer to arrive. If you do not have “Auto Deposit” active on your online banking, you can expect another email to arrive in your inbox containing the password you will need to deposit your cash bonus.

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