Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Figure out how much you’ll be paying on your mortgage. Use the Mortgage Payment Calculator to explore various loan amounts, amortization periods and payment options to best manage your mortgage payments.
Mortgage Penalty Calculator
Thinking of ending your mortgage contract ahead of its maturity? Use the Mortgage Penalty Calculator to figure out whether it’s worthwhile by exploring the magnitude of penalties you will likely have to incur.
Mortgage Affordability Calculator
There are many factors that go into figuring out mortgage affordability. Use the Mortgage Affordability Calculator to figure out the maximum home purchase price you can afford and the mortgage loan amount you should be taking on based on lenders’ qualifying criteria.
CMHC Mortgage Calculator
CMHC premiums are one of the less understood costs of mortgage financing. If your down payment is likely to be less than 20%, use the CMHC Mortgage Calculator to understand how CMHC premiums are calculated and what impact they will have on your mortgage.
Mortgage Refinance Calculator
Thinking of refinancing your mortgage? Use the Mortgage Refinance Calculator to figure out whether it makes sense and the maximum amount of additional equity you could take out.
Debt Consolidation Calculator
A mortgage is one of the cheapest debt sources available on the market. If you’re carrying significant credit card balances or other forms of high interest debt, the Debt Consolidation Calculator will help you figure out whether consolidating this debt by taking out a mortgage makes sense.
Land Transfer Tax Calculator
Most provinces in Canada charge a land transfer tax on home purchases. Use the Land Transfer Tax Calculator to better understand how this tax is calculated and how it impacts your mortgage affordability.
Rent vs. Buy Calculator
Does buying a home always make more sense than renting? Better understand both options with the help of the Rent vs. Buy Calculator.
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