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Recent auto insurance quotes in Oshawa

Shopper from OSHAWA, ONTARIO
$ 1300
Per year
Company A (Cheapest Rate)
$ 1513
Per year
Company B
$ 3406
Per year
Company D (Highest Rate) Company C
Range of Quotes
$ 2106
Shopper from OSHAWA, ONTARIO
$ 1479
Per year
Company A (Cheapest Rate)
$ 1526
Per year
Company B
$ 1598
Per year
Company C
$ 1623
Per year
Company D (Highest Rate)
Range of Quotes
$ 144
Shopper from OSHAWA, ONTARIO
$ 1574
Per year
Company A (Cheapest Rate)
$ 1868
Per year
Company B
$ 1909
Per year
Company C
$ 1911
Per year
Company D (Highest Rate)
Range of Quotes
$ 337
Shopper from OSHAWA, ONTARIO
$ 1577
Per year
Company A (Cheapest Rate)
$ 1755
Per year
Company B
$ 1969
Per year
Company C
$ 2276
Per year
Company D (Highest Rate)
Range of Quotes
$ 699

Oshawa car insurance quotes from RATESDOTCA

How much do you spend on your auto insurance in Oshawa? Call us outrageous, but we’re sure that you’ll find a cheaper auto insurance rate after comparing quotes at RATESDOTCA. With access to more than 30 insurance providers, we’ll find your lowest rate in about 5 minutes. It’s 5 minutes well spent to see if you could be spending less money on your Oshawa car insurance premiums.

The road to lower car insurance rates in Oshawa

Are you ready to decrease your Oshawa car insurance premiums? Because we’re ready to find an insurance provider for you that not only fits the bill, but will help you lower your bills too.

To get started, complete our easy to follow online form by answering a few quick questions about yourself and the car you drive. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be viewing the lowest Oshawa auto insurance rates we’ve found for you. Then all that’s left to do is to seize the savings! You can either provide us with your contact details so that we can ensure an insurance representative gets in touch with you, or you can call us straight away to secure your rate.

The average cost of auto insurance in Oshawa

We ran the numbers and in 2017 we estimate that the average price for auto insurance in Oshawa comes in at about $1,870. This is about the same as what drivers in Toronto pay, but considerably less than what drivers in Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga and Vaughan pay. Drivers in each of these cities, on average, pay about $2,100 a year (or more) for their coverage.

Despite paying less than some GTA cities, if you live in Oshawa there are ways to further reduce what you pay for coverage. Read below for our frequently asked questions and tips on savings on car insurance!

Oshawa Car Insurance By Postal Code

Postal Code Average Premium
L1G 0A1$1547
L1H 0A1$1547
L1J 0A1$1990
L1K 0A1$1547
L1L 0A1$1547

Above average insurance premium numbers are according to data from RATESDOTCA Insuramap.

Frequently asked questions about Oshawa car insurance

Learn more about what contributes to car insurance rates in Oshawa.

How do Oshawa auto insurance rates compare to drivers elsewhere in Canada?

Ontario car insurance rates are some of the highest rates in the country and the premium you pay in Oshawa is likely higher than drivers elsewhere in the country. In fact, in 2017, a report from Ontario’s Ministry of Finance estimated that Ontario’s auto insurance premiums are the highest in the country. No other Canadian province or territory pays more for coverage than drivers in Ontario. The report estimated that drivers in British Columbia pay $1,316 for auto insurance, Alberta drivers pay $1,179, Newfoundland and Labrador motorists pay $1,090, and our neighbours to the west, Manitoba, pay about $1,001. All other provinces or territories pay less than $1,000 a year for auto insurance coverage.

How do I pay less for your Oshawa auto insurance?

The best way to make sure you’re paying the lowest Oshawa car insurance rate is to shop around and compare car insurance quotes because, as you can see from your annual renewal, rates can change considerably over the span of a year. In fact, insurance rates can change several times since you last renewed. Every three months, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (the regulatory arm of the Ministry of Finance who oversees auto insurance in the province) announce the auto insurance rate changes they’ve approved. In this quarterly announcement, they detail the companies whose rates are changing as well as the average increase or decrease that’s been permitted. If you lock in your premium for a year, however, which most drivers do, you won’t see the changes until renewal and all these changes can add up quickly and be significant.

What’s it all mean? At minimum, you should be shopping around for a better rate at least once a year when you get your renewal notice. But this isn’t the only time you should be spot-checking your premiums for a better rate. When you buy a new car, move, or add a teen driver to your policy, for example, are also ideal times to see if you could be paying less for your Oshawa car insurance because if you don’t, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying.

5 car insurance savings tips for Oshawa drivers

In addition to shopping around for the best deal on Oshawa auto insurance, you can save money on the premiums you pay with the following five tips.

1. Pay your premiums in one lump sum instead of in monthly installments.

Although paying monthly is convenient, it comes at a cost as many insurers charge an administrative fee if you decide to go with the monthly payment route. If you can afford to pay your premium in full, you can avoid these fees.

2. Increase your deductibles.

Review your policy to see what your deductibles are for your collision and/or comprehensive coverage. If you increase your deductibles from $500 to $1000, you’ll save about five to 10 percent. Of course, increasing your deductibles means you’re increasing how much you’ll have to pay should you need to submit a claim, so only increase them to an amount that you can comfortably afford.

3. Bundle your policies.

If you purchase at least two insurance policies (usually home and auto insurance) from the same insurer, you’ll usually benefit from a discount. This discount, called a multi-line discount, can range from anywhere from five to 15 percent off one, or even both of your policies.

4. Buying a car? Choose a car that costs less to insure.

Before buying a new vehicle, make sure the insurance for it doesn’t leave you strapped. Car insurance rates are calculated, in part, by the car you drive and the chances it’ll be stolen, its repair costs, and how well it protects passengers from injury if involved in a collision, for example.

Cars, like drivers, are all rated differently and if you pick a vehicle that is more expensive to insure than others, you could be paying hundreds of dollars more in car insurance each year. Don’t purchase a new vehicle before finding out how much it costs to cover it. If you compare quotes before making the big purchase, you’ll have a truer sense of whether or not that vehicle fits in your transportation budget.

Did you know, the Honda Civic is the most popular car based on Oshawa car insurance quotes at RATESDOTCA? The following are the 10 vehicles you’re most likely to spot on Oshawa’s roads based on drivers from the city who have previously got quotes from RATESDOTCA:

Most popular vehicles in Oshawa

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Mazda3
  3. Hyundai Elantra
  4. Toyota Corolla
  5. Chevrolet Cruze
  6. Honda Civic
  7. BMW 3 Series
  8. Volkswagen Jetta
  9. Chevrolet Equinox
  10. Nissan Altima

5. Talk to your insurer about discounts you may be eligible to receive.

There are a whole slew of discounts available from insurers that you may not know exist, or that your insurer didn’t know to offer you. For example, did you know all Oshawa auto insurance companies (in fact, all insurers in Ontario) have to offer you a winter tire discount if you change your tires to match the season? Usually, this discount will save you about five per cent. There are other discounts too, that a quick chat with your insurer, can add up to significant savings.

Of course, if you get quotes through RATESDOTCA, we’ll take into account the discounts you’re eligible to receive. For example, we’ll make sure you get the discounts for using winter tires, being accident-free, belonging to a school, employer or organization that offers a group program, having roadside assistance, bundling, and even for considering a usage-based insurance program. If you’re eligible to receive the discount, your quotes from RATESDOTCA will include it.

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Save on your Oshawa car insurance today!

Hands down the best way to save on your Oshawa auto insurance is to shop around. Stop overpaying for your coverage today and compare quotes at RATESDOTCA.

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