Car Insurance Renewal

Is your car insurance policy expiring? This is the perfect time to compare quotes and save money.

How do I renew car insurance?

Standard auto insurance policies have a one-year term. As your renewal date approaches, you can expect a letter from your insurance company with an updated rate, policy documentations, and a new motor insurance certificate.

Once you receive this package, you can either accept the new price, or switch to a different insurance provider. This is where RATESDOTCA can help. Our instant quoting tool will show you prices from multiple insurance providers in one place. It only takes a few minutes to see how your current offer compares to the market.

If you decide to take advantage of a better deal, you must tell your insurer that you do not want to renew your policy with them before it expires. If you don’t, they’ll automatically renew it for another year and you will have to pay to cancel it. This is done as a precautionary measure to make sure you don’t drive without insurance coverage.

Should I automatically renew my car insurance policy?

The short answer is “probably not.” Many insurance companies offer cheap rates to attract your business, but when the time comes to renew your policy, your premiums could rise. Despite this, a recent Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) survey, found that more than half of Ontario drivers simply paid the renewal rate without looking for a better offer. Insurance companies know this, and they take advantage of driver complacency by hiking up renewal rates.

Do your due diligence and see if there is a better offer available. While you may be tempted to auto renew out of convenience, a quick search on RATESDOTCA could save you a lot of cash.

Our quoting tool is free to use, so there is no harm in window shopping. If it turns out that your current provider is offering a fair rate, you can renew with them, confident that you have made a smart decision.

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My rates have increased. What can I do?

If you have driven perfectly and had a claim-free year, you might be wondering why your rates have gone up. Insurance companies look at a myriad of factors when calculating your premium. If you have bought a new car, moved house, or your current neighbourhood has seen a spike in claims, your rate will change. Even your age can be a determining factor. It’s not always fair, but rate increases are often outside of your control, and not a true reflection of your driving ability.

To mitigate these rate increases, shop around before renewing your policy with the same provider. Other insurance companies will appreciate your clean driving record and be clamouring for your business. Use the RATESDOTCA car insurance calculator to find the low price your good driving deserves.

If you have made a claim or been convicted of a driving offence during the last year, an increased insurance premium is to be expected. From an insurance perspective, you may not be deemed a high-risk driver and your new rate will reflect this. However, it still pays to shop around and compare quotes with RATESDOTCA. Be honest when completing our questionnaire, and we will strive to find you the best available price.

My rates have not increased, why should I bother comparing quotes?

You are one of the lucky ones! Nevertheless, there is no harm in comparing quotes on RATESDOTCA. Our instant quoting tool is free to use, it only takes a few minutes, and there is no obligation to buy.

If we cannot beat your current rate, then you can happily renew with your existing provider, safe in the knowledge that you have the best deal. If we find you a better offer, switching providers is a simple process.

I want a lower rate now. Why wait until my current insurance policy is expiring?

Technically, you can compare insurance rates and switch providers at any time. However, if you want to cancel an insurance policy mid-term, you typically have to pay a penalty fee. The more time you have left on your policy, the more you may have to pay to break the agreement.

The main benefit to waiting until your current policy term is up for renewal, is that there won’t be a cancellation fee for switching providers.

It might make sense to swap insurance providers mid-term, but only if the new company is offering a significantly lower rate. It ultimately depends on which option will save you the most money.

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RATESDOTCA will save you time and money when renewing car insurance

When the time comes to renew your auto insurance policy, compare quotes with RATESDOTCA. We work independently from insurance companies to provide an unbiased quote on which company and level of coverage suits your needs.

If you find a deal that beats the one being offered by your existing provider, switching over is a cinch. One of our associates will guide you through all the necessary steps, ensuring you get the best possible coverage for the best possible price.

If you are not quite ready to compare quotes and find the best deal on auto insurance, let us know your renewal date and we’ll notify you when it’s time to start shopping around.

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