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Recent Ontario Auto Insurance Quotes

Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Female, Age 31
April 20, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 143 / month
$1,719 / year
Average Quote
$ 184 / month
$2,203 / year
$ 40 / month
$484 / year
21.97 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Female, Age 37
April 20, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 479 / month
$5,748 / year
Average Quote
$ 571 / month
$6,856 / year
$ 92 / month
$1,108 / year
16.16 %
Recent Auto Insurance Quote from BRANTFORD, ONTARIO
Male, Age 21
April 19, 2024
Cheapest Quote
$ 343 / month
$4,112 / year
Average Quote
$ 557 / month
$6,686 / year
$ 215 / month
$2,574 / year
38.50 %
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About Echelon auto insurance

Echelon Insurance, founded in 1998, specializes in non-standard auto insurance and other Canadian specialty property and casualty insurance products. Echelon is most well-known for offering policies for high-risk drivers in several provinces, including those who may have been turned down for coverage elsewhere.

Echelon can help high-risk drivers get their driving histories and insurance back on track, including those whose driving histories contain the following:

  • Coverage gaps
  • Frequent claims
  • Impaired driving
  • License suspensions
  • Multiple driving infractions

In 2019, Echelon was purchased by CAA Club Group to reach new markets and customers and expand its insurance offerings. CAA Club Group consists of the CAA Insurance Company, the CAA Manitoba, and CAA South Central Ontario automotive clubs.

Echelon Insurance is a property and casualty insurer offering the following types of personal and commercial policies:


  • Non-standard and specialty auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Antique and classic vehicles
  • Motor homes, recreational vehicles and trailers
  • Personal habitational products


  • Commercial property & casualty
  • Commercial automobile
  • Long-haul trucking
  • Specialty insurance (e.g., new home warranty, creditor loan protection)
  • Legal expense insurance

The above products are available through a network of independent Echelon agents and brokers, though not every insurance line is available in each province. Non-standard insurance for high-risk drivers, for example, is only available in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.

As a leading Canadian non-standard auto insurance company, Echelon can assist those looking for competitive auto insurance quotes while lacking a careful driving record. Customers who insure themselves with Echelon can reform their driving records and return to the regular insurance marketplace.

Although Echelon is known for non-standard auto insurance, it offers personal and commercial insurance product options and bonds for small to mid-sized contractors.

According to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Ontario, Echelon's 2022 private passenger automobile direct written premium market share in Ontario is 1.1567%. FSRA also reports that at the beginning of 2024, Echelon approved a rate change of 9.96%, which will come into effect on May 1. This is slightly lower than the 14.94% rate change approved in 2023.

Read on to find out what Echelon auto insurance can offer and learn more about the company. Using our online tool, you can compare Echelon insurance quotes with quotes from 50+ Canadian car insurance providers.

Echelon's Best Home and Auto Insurer Awards





According to the Best Home and Auto Insurers survey conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, Echelon is one of the top three insurance providers in Canada, across multiple categories.

The survey was conducted between August and September of 2023 on 8,875 customers in two of the largest private insurance markets in Canada – Alberta and Ontario. Learn more about Pollara’s methodology now.


  • Customers are very satisfied with Echelon’s billing and payment options, including its easy-to-understand statements, timely payment notices and effective communication of changes.
  • Customers are extremely satisfied with Echelon’s user-friendly portal, which provides easy-to-find and useful information as well as an easy way to complete tasks.

What does Echelon Insurance offer?

Echelon auto insurance offers products and services that can help meet a range of insurance needs, whether you require Echelon non-standard auto insurance or other specialty insurance policies not provided by all brokers. The company even offers special perks like preferred vendor partnerships. Here are several highlights of what Echelon Insurance offers customers:

  • Personal line specialty auto insurance: Echelon offers non-standard auto insurance for customers who may get turned down for coverage by other insurers. If you have a poor driving record and insurance history, an Echelon auto insurance policy can help rehabilitate your insurance and driving record. Echelon also offers vehicle insurance policies for motorcycles, motorhomes, travel trailers and snowmobiles.
  • 24/7 insurance claim service: Echelon offers peace of mind when filing claims. Echelon insurance customers can do so at any time of day or night with the company’s 24-hour, seven days a week claims service.
  • Preferred vendor partnerships: To help clients get back on the road more easily and quickly, Echelon Insurance partners nationally with Carstar auto body repair, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and automotive glass company Uniban Canada.
  • Collector vehicle insurance: Echelon collector vehicle insurance is available in Alberta and Ontario for modern classics, stock, modified and specialty interest collectible automobiles. This coverage includes occasional pleasure use insurance and up to $7,500 in spare parts coverage.
  • Specialty property insurance: Echelon offers insurance policies for homes with non-standard heating, insurance for those with more than 2 mortgages, homes with 60 amp electrical service, first-time insurance customers or those with claims activity. Echelon Insurance can also meet unique needs like seasonal homes, vacant dwellings and other hard-to-place policies. Ask your Echelon insurance broker for further details.
  • Insurance for truckers: Echelon Insurance offers commercial line long-haul trucking insurance through a select broker group in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Get an Echelon insurance quote today if you think you can benefit from one of the company’s specialty insurance policies.

Why choose Echelon Insurance:

  • Solutions for niche markets: Echelon focuses on offering solutions for harder-to-place risks to markets often underserved by other insurance providers. This includes auto insurance for drivers turned down by other insurers, such as high-risk drivers, and property insurance for non-standard homes, such as vacant homes.
  • Deep expertise: Echelon’s products are backed by over 25 years of experience and deep expertise in specialty markets. Its team of experts includes in-house underwriting and technical risks services specialists that works closely with Echelon’s brokers to offer comprehensive, out-of-the-box solutions to individuals and businesses alike.
  • Personalized touch: Echelon is committed to tailoring its solutions to its customers’ unique needs. Echelon’s in-house loss prevention and technical risks services teams develop risk mitigation strategies as well as customized recommendations for their clients to help them make sensible financial decisions.
  • Thorough analysis of each risk: Echelon leverages data analytics to gain insight into its customers’ unique needs so it can offer better, more complete coverage – without overcharging for it.
  • Financial stability: Backed by CAA Club Group, which has served Canadians for 100 years, Echelon is one of the most financially stable insurers on the market.

Contact information for Echelon Insurance

Need to contact Echelon Insurance with general inquiries about the company’s offerings? Here’s the information you need to get in touch.

For clients in Ontario, Alberta and Atlantic Canada

2680 Matheson Blvd East, Suite 300

Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 0A5

Local phone: 905-214-7880

Toll free phone: 1-800-324-3566

General fax: 905-214-7893

Claims fax: 905-214-7891 or 905-214-7892

For Quebec clients


2540 boul. Daniel-Johnson, Suite 908

Laval, Quebec, H7T 2S3

Local phone: 450-688-7718

Toll free phone: 1-888-662-0222


1800 Avenue McGill College, Bureau 2104

Montréal, Québec, H3A 3J6

Local phone: 514-284-7675

Toll free phone: 1-866-502-7675

Fax: 514-284-7481

Toll free fax: 1-866-514-7481

For British Columbia clients

Commercial and personal insurance

Local phone: 250-448-0679

Toll free phone: 1-800-775-1899

Toll free fax: 1-800-775-4560

Claims fax: 1-800-996-1286


2025 Willingdon Avenue, Suite 900

Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 0J3

Toll free phone: 1-844-535-4690


If you need to report an Echelon Insurance claim, contact your Echelon insurance broker or agent. If it isn’t possible to reach them, customers can contact Echelon’s 24-hour Emergency Claims Reporting Service.

24-hour claims reporting numbers

  • Alberta & Ontario: 1-866-931-0570
  • British Columbia: 1-888-547-9229
  • Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island: 1-866-252-2854
  • Quebec: 1-888-662-0222

Additional Ontario, Alberta and Maritimes claims contacts

Echelon Insurance

2680 Matheson Blvd East, Suite 300

Mississauga, Ontario L4W 0A5

Attention: Claims Department

Office phone: 905-214-7880

Fax: 905-214-7891 or 905-214-7892

Email: clerical@echeloninsurance.ca

Additional Quebec claim contacts

Echelon Insurance

2540 boul. Daniel-Johnson, Suite 908

Laval, Quebec H7T 2S3

Attention: Claims Department

Office phone: 450-688-7718

Fax: 450-688-7413

Additional British Columbia claim contacts

Fax: 1-800-996-1286

Email: bcclaims@echeloninsurance.ca


Have a complaint about Echelon insurance? The company has outlined a process customers can follow for complaint resolution. First, Echelon insurance policyholders should address concerns with their agent, broker or claim adjuster (or the applicable business unit).

If this doesn’t resolve the complaint in a satisfactory manner, it can be escalated to an appropriate manager or supervisor. In the case of broker-related complaints, customers can ask they be referred to Echelon Underwriting.

If neither of the above steps works, the complaint can be escalated further to the office of Echelon Insurance’s internal ombudsperson.

Internal ombudsperson contacts

Office of the Ombudsperson

Echelon Insurance

2680 Matheson Blvd East

Suite 300 Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5

Local phone: 905-214-6053

Toll free phone: 1-800-324-3566 (ext. 6053)

Fax: 905-214-7883

Email: ombuds@echeloninsurance.ca

If Echelon’s final ombudsman response isn’t satisfactory, Echelon policyholders can escalate concerns to their provincial insurance regulator (ex: Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in Quebec) or an independent dispute resolution service like the General Insurance OmbudService.

GIO contact

Web address


Mailing address

General Insurance OmbudService

4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor

Toronto, ON M2N 6K8

Phone, fax, email

Phone: 1-877-225-0446

Fax: 416-299-4261

Email: info@giocanada.org

Frequently asked questions about Echelon Insurance

Need more information on Echelon Insurance? We got you covered.

Does Echelon specialize in high-risk auto insurance?

Yes, Echelon offers non-standard car insurance for high-risk customers in several provinces. Drivers may be refused automobile insurance coverage from standard carriers for several reasons. These include inexperience, a poor driving record, frequent claims, license suspensions or multiple driving infractions.

While the Facility Association is an insurance plan of last resort for high-risk drivers, a non-standard company like Echelon often offers lower premiums. Echelon non-standard automobile insurance is available in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Who is Echelon Insurance owned by?

Since 2019, Echelon Insurance has been owned by CAA Club Group, which provides more than 2 million members with roadside assistance, member savings and insurance services.

CAA Club Group, headquartered in Thornhill, Ontario, comprises CAA Insurance Group and two other automobile clubs, CAA Manitoba and CAA South Central Ontario. The two clubs officially merged in October 2016.

CAA Insurance Group includes CAA Insurance which offers auto and home policies to CAA members and non-members. The group also includes Orion Travel Insurance Company and Echelon Insurance which offers non-standard auto insurance and other personal and commercial product lines.

How do I cancel my Echelon Insurance?

To cancel an Echelon car insurance policy, you can inform your Echelon agent or broker, and they will guide you through the process. Based on your policy’s terms and conditions, a refund may be issued, or a cancellation fee may apply.

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