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Auto Insurance

Compare car insurance quotes to get the cheapest car insurance rates available. Compare from dozens of top Canadian lenders in one easy place and start spending less on auto insurance.

Home Insurance

Protect your home and possessions from risk and yourself from liability with home insurance. Compare from 30+ home insurance providers to find the best home insurance rates today.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is slightly different from home insurance, but still protects you and your possessions from risk and liability. Learn more and compare quotes to find the best condo insurance rates available today.

Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance, also known as renter’s insurance, protects people who rent, rather than own, their primary residence. Unlike standard home insurance, it doesn’t include coverage for the actual building you live in. Instead, it covers your personal belongings and protects you from liability. Learn more and compare quotes.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps you protect the ones you love in the event of your untimely death, by providing them with money to pay for the things that your income was taking care of like a mortgage, groceries, bills, etc. There are different types of life insurance, so learn more about your options and the best type of life insurance coverage for you.

Travel Insurance

Hopping on a plane? Heading across the border? Travel often for business? Easily obtain travel insurance online by comparing multiple policies in one place. Find the best rate and give yourself peace of mind on your next adventure.

Frequently asked questions about insurance aggregators

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about insurance aggregators in Canada:

What is an insurance aggregator?

An insurance aggregator is a website, like RATESDOTCA, which compiles insurance quotes from multiple brokers and insurance companies, and displays the rates to users. Though an insurance aggregator does not offer insurance products of their own, they do require a person looking for insurance to provide information in order to present them with the most relevant insurance quotes available from their partners.

How do insurance aggregators work?

Insurance aggregators maintain partnerships with multiple insurance companies, either direct providers, brokers or both. Though an aggregator does not itself provide insurance policies, it helps connect shoppers with companies that do. By acting as a conduit between customers and insurance providers, an insurance aggregator helps shoppers discover all of their options at a glance, rather than requiring they visit the website of each and every insurance company in their province.

Which offers the best insurance quotes: brokers, direct writers or aggregators?

Direct writers provide insurance quotes from a single company. Brokers offer quotes from a handful of companies. Aggregators are limited only by the number of partners they have, which usually far exceeds those of a broker. This does not mean insurance aggregators will invariably offer the cheapest insurance quote, only that they will provide the greatest number of quotes. Of course, by offering more options, an aggregator presents the greatest chance for a shopper to find discounts. This means using an aggregator to find your next insurance quote is statistically the most effective way to discover the best available insurance policy.

How do insurance aggregators make money?

Insurance aggregators like RATESDOTCA do not charge users for insurance quotes. Aggregators are paid by the direct writers and brokers whose quotes they display to their visitors. Payment from insurance provider to aggregator may be made when a quote is shown to a user, when the user contacts an insurance company whose quote they discovered via the aggregator, or when the user signs up for a policy with the company whose quote they found via the aggregator site. Because aggregators are paid by the insurance companies they work with, the aggregation service is entirely free to the shopper looking for quotes.

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