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Written By Alexandra Bosanac


About Mercedes-Benz car insurance

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s largest makers of high-end European passenger cars and light luxury vans.

The German manufacturer boasted a global revenue of $220 million (CAD) in 2022. The same year, it sold 34,316 passenger vehicles in Canada, with SUVs making up 75% of all sales.

The top-selling Mercedes vehicle in 2022 was the GLC SUV, with the GLE (coupe and SUV) and GLS SUV also among the most popular.

In terms of smaller cars, the most popular Mercedes models that year were the A-Class, C-Class, and E-Class.

Mercedes vehicles are known for their stylish exteriors, comfortable, upscale cabins, and cutting-edge infotainment systems.

Multiple newer models of Mercedes have won recognition for their overall safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The 2023 Mercedes Benz C-Class won the Top Safety Pick+ award, the IIHS's highest honour for its front crash prevention system (an optional feature).

Mercedes don't come cheap — that much is well known. But may drivers might not realize that maintaining a Mercedes is increasingly expensive.

Before car machinery became mostly computerized, Mercedes had a reputation for being reliable, particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s.

When you pop the hood on a Mercedes today, you'll find the gadgetry is a lot more advanced. They’ve got computers, modern electrical systems, and sensors — making them safer but also prone to many issues that require labour from specialist mechanics as they age. It means Mercedes has higher-than-average annual maintenance costs: the average spent on maintaining a Mercedes is roughly CAD $900 but can be as high as CAD $2,000.

Mercedes cars will become even more tricky to service as the automaker intends to go all-electric by 2030.

The push to put connective features into Mercedes vehicles has also cost the brand its reputation for reliability. In 2022, Consumer Reports ranked Mercedes lowest for reliability, which they defined as how well a car will hold up and the probability it will need repairs that could inconvenience the owner.

A car's reliability impacts insurance costs, which is one of the reasons premiums tend to be higher for drivers of luxury car brands, including Mercedes. Another major concern for luxury car owners is theft.

Make sure you're aware of all the costs involved with owning a luxury car. Compare car insurance quotes to save money.

Average car insurance costs for Mercedes-Benz

To calculate car insurance costs for different Mercedes-Benz models, we based our quotes on a male driver (men tend to pay more for car insurance) living in Toronto with basic car insurance and a clean driving record and who drives 10,000 km per year.

We’ve also included the most recent Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating (CLEAR) scores to contextualize the premiums.

CLEAR is a centralized database that aggregates the cost of claim settlements by vehicle make. A rating is then assigned to the car. Canadian insurance companies rely on this system to predict future losses (insurance companies may also have their own proprietary version).

When reading CLEAR data, it’s helpful to remember that the baseline rating in each category is 100, and the higher the number, the less favourable the rating.

How much an insurance company spends on claims determines car insurance premiums. The more they pay to Mercedes drivers — in the form of medical care or to fix or replace their cars — the more it costs to insure one.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class car insurance rates

Age 2023 Mercedes C300 4MATIC 4DR
18 $5,167
19 $4,783
20 $3,452
21 $2,522
22 $2,480
23 $2,343
24 $2,304
25 $1,937
26 $1,930
27 $1,881
28 $1,869
29 $1,857
30 $1,841
40 $1,152
50 $923
60 $876

Note: Estimated quotes are based on a male driver living in Toronto with basic car insurance, a clean driving record, and an annual mileage of 10,000 km per year.

The C-Class category represents Mercedes’ mid-range offerings. Even then, insurance costs (for those 40 and under in particular) exceed Ontario averages.

The CLEAR ratings across various coverages for the 2020 model of C300W show why that’s the case.

Claims costs for 2020 C300W

  • Collision: 253 (claims cost 153% above baseline)
  • Comprehensive: 164 (claims cost 64% above baseline)
  • DCPD: 192 (claims cost 92% above baseline)
  • Accident benefits: Average

Mercedes-Benz GLC car insurance rates

Age 2023 Mercedes GLC300 4DR AWD
18 $3,588
19 $3,325
20 $2,430
21 $1,801
22 $1,768
23 $1,664
24 $1,632
25 $1,456
26 $1,449
27 $1,411
28 $1,379
29 $1,383
30 $1,382
40 $860
50 $690
60 $654

Note: Estimated quotes are based on a male driver living in Toronto with basic car insurance, a clean driving record, and an annual mileage of 10,000 km per year.

Drivers of SUVs, Mercedes GLC300, fare a bit better than sedan drivers when it comes to car insurance rates. SUVs and crossovers are sturdier, have more safety features, and replacement parts are easier to find due to their popularity.

Claims costs for 2020 GLC300 4DR AWD

  • Collision: 147 (claims cost 47% above baseline)
  • Comprehensive: 59 (claims cost 41% below baseline)
  • DCPD: 144 (claims cost 44% above baseline)
  • Accident benefits: Average

Mercedes-Benz A-Class car insurance rates

Age 2022 Mercedes A220 4MATIC 4DR
18 $3,852
19 $3,571
20 $2,626
21 $1,958
22 $1,919
23 $1,804
24 $1,767
25 $1,492
26 $1,484
27 $1,446
28 $1,436
29 $1,427
30 $1,415
40 $878
50 $705
60 $668

Note: Estimated quotes are based on a male driver living in Toronto with basic car insurance, a clean driving record, and an annual mileage of 10,000 km per year.

The discontinued A-Class range housed Mercedes’ cheapest models — and it’s reflected in its insurance costs. The premiums for Mercedes’ less luxurious sedans are more in line with average insurance costs.

Claims costs for 2019 A250 4MATIC 4DR hatchback

  • Collision: 166 (claims cost 66% above baseline)
  • Comprehensive: 73 (claims cost 23% below baseline)
  • DCPD: 172 (claims cost 72% above baseline)
  • Accident benefits: Average

Find the cheapest car insurance quotes for your Mercedes-Benz

Assets like luxury cars need good insurance. Luxury SUVs are targets for thieves. And with car thefts doubling in Ontario and Quebec in 2022, it's more important than ever to have the right kind and amount of insurance.

New Mercedes-Benzes will benefit from collision and comprehensive insurance, which will help pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle. Older Mercedes, especially high-value models like the S-Class, could also benefit from extra protection.

Since Mercedes cars have high upfront costs and are expensive to maintain, insurance premiums for Mercedes cars can often exceed the average premium. To manage the costs of ownership, make sure to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies.

RATESDOTCA can help you locate the company with the most attractive plans and prices.

Each insurance company will rate drivers using slightly different criteria. How insurers weigh factors like age, gender, traffic tickets, driving, and insurance histories will differ slightly and can translate into variations in price.

The only way to know which insurance company will give you the most favourable rate is to do some research. Let RATESDOTCA do all the legwork for you. Just enter your postal code and enter information about the car you want to insure. We'll bring you rates from 50+ insurance providers.

Why not begin right here? Compare Mercedes insurance rates today on RATESDOTCA.

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