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About Honda Car Insurance

Honda is one of the most popular and trusted car manufacturers in the world. Canada is no exception to this phenomenon. The Honda Civic was the second most purchased car in Canada in 2013 while the CRV was in the top-10 in the SUV, Truck and Crossover category.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, despite the fact that trucks remain the hottest target overall, the most stolen vehicle in Canada in 2013 was the Honda Civic for the second year in a row. No one can completely explain the dilemma outside for the speculation that the parts for the Civic, which is Honda's best-selling car, is worth a premium on the black market. The Civic is not the only Honda vehicle that is targeted, but it does stand alone at the top.

The Civic may also have a higher than normal premium rate, based on the high probability of it being stolen. The key to finding affordable insurance is to take the time to follow a few basic principles. At the top of the list is research.

The Importance of Honda Car Insurance

The Importance of Honda Car Insurance

In Canada, it is required that all motor vehicles have a certain level of car insurance. When the risk of certain Honda vehicles being stolen is added to the equation, the need to find Honda car insurance becomes paramount. Some of the other cars that Honda makes available in Canada are the Accord Sedan, Accord Coupe, Accord Hybrid, CR-Z, Crosstour, CR-V and more. With the current trend of theft directed at Honda vehicles, it is necessary to find affordable Honda car insurance in Canada.

Shopping for Honda car insurance in Canada is the same as with any other vehicle with one exception: the popularity of Honda with thieves can negatively impact the insurance prices. According to several sources, including Daily Markets, cars that are high risk (for theft) or located in high-risk areas are subject to higher premiums. The owner can do certain things to lower the premiums such as adding an alarm with an approved rating.

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Find Affordable Honda Insurance Quotes

Find Affordable Honda Insurance Quotes

The rates that you will be able to find will be dependent on a number of variables that can cause the rates to vary drastically from driver to driver. The number of accidents the driver has had over the past several years, previous insurance history and age are just some of the variables that will affect the overall cost of insurance for Honda auto insurance in Canada. Some of the heftiest premiums are reserved for the Accord and the Odyssey, primarily because of the replacement value.

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Execute Due Diligence

One of the most common mistakes of individuals looking for Honda car insurance in Ontario is that they jump on the first deal that comes their way. It takes a little patience. Make a commitment to check at least three to five different companies before you start looking.

No matter how convincing the first deal may be, continue checking the others. Don't allow the agents that you speak with to pressure you into to buying before you are ready. With a little bit of patience and a willingness to do a little leg work, you will be able to find some affordable Honda insurance rates in Ontario.

Remember, Honda auto insurance in Ontario does not have to be expensive and it does not have to be cut-rate as far as quality is concerned. There are some exceptional insurance carriers that are willing to offer great rates for those who qualify.

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