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About Travelers Canada Insurance

The umbrella on the logo of Travelers Canada is important because the company acts as a corporation for numerous insurers across the country. It started as Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company way back in 1887, making the company among the most experienced in Canada.

Dominion was purchased by US-based insurance giant Travelers and still exists today. Travelers Canada also comprises St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company and Travelers Insurance Company of Canada.

The company has nearly 1,700 employees across Canada and offers insurance solutions through auto, home, commercial and other lines. The wider Travelers Insurance group is among the leading insurance brands in the world, with 30,000 employees in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Brazil. The company operates in 80 countries.

In Canada, Travelers is noted for its attention to detail, diverse coverage, and strong customer care. In 2013, Travelers Canada acquired The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, acquiring Chieftain Insurance in the process.

Why choose Travelers Canada?

Travelers Canada is a leading property and casualty insurance carrier in the country and has reported gross insurance premiums of approximately $1.6 billion. Here are some factors you should consider for choosing Travelers:

  • With a workforce of 1,400 employees across Canada, Travelers is a key player in the insurance industry. As part of one of North America’s largest insurance companies, Travelers holds the distinction of being the second-largest commercial insurance carrier in the United States.
  • IntelliDrive is an auto insurance program offered by Travelers and is available for customers in Ontario.  It uses a smartphone app to capture data over a 90-day evaluation period and scores how safely you drive. New Travelers customers save 10% on their first policy term just for participating in the IntelliDrive program, and if you have safe driving habits, you could save up to 30% when your policy renews.
  • Multi-Line Discount allows the customer to insure their home, car, rental property or other eligible risk exposures with Travelers Canada
  • Protective Device Discount – If you have installed an approved alarm system for your home, including fire, theft or water protective device, you’ll be eligible for greater discount.
  • Loss Free Discount – You are eligible for this discount if you have not had a property insurance claim in the past 7 years.

Learn about what Travelers insurance can offer

Personal insurance policies are underwritten by The Dominion of Canada General Insurance, part of Travelers Canada. The insurer currently does not offer personal insurance in Quebec, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

Travelers Canada offers you the following products and services:

Car Insurance

Car insurance with Travelers Canada provides protection for a range of vehicles such as:

  • personal-use vehicles,
  • motorcycles,
  • classics - collector vehicles 15 years old or more,
  • antique - vehicles 25+ years old and in Alberta, 30+ years old,
  • motor homes - used for recreation and not as principal residence
  • Recreation – off-road 4-wheel all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, personal-use utility or camper trailers.

Home insurance

Travelers home insurance helps you protect your dwelling and your valuables inside. Here's what’s insured in a homeowner's policy:

  • Dwelling – Insures the building and structures attached to the building.
  • Other structures – Your home insurance covers damage to structures like garages, storage sheds and boathouses on your property.
  • Personal property – Insures personal items in your home such as your furniture, clothes, sporting goods and electronics that may be damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss.
  • Additional living expenses – Covers expenses incurred when you are forced to leave your home due to an insured loss or if you are ordered to leave by a civil authority due to an emergency.
  • Liability – It helps provide a defence if you or a member of your household is accused of a negligent act that causes bodily injury or property damage to others.

Travelers Canada helps you protect the following types of properties:

  • House – Detached, semi-detached, townhouse, multi-generation homes
  • Condominium
  • Landlord insurance is designed to protect rental properties including apartments, condominiums, single or multi-family homes
  • Tenant insurance helps renters protect personal valuables such as clothing, electronics, furniture, among others.

Business insurance

Travelers offers the following businesses insurance solutions:

  • Business services
  • Construction and contractors
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Ocean marine – includes luxury yachts, cargo, hull & liabilities
  • Oil and gas operations
  • Passenger transportation
  • Public sector
  • Commercial real estate
  • Restaurant protect
  • Retail
  • Technology including Cyber+
  • Wholesale and distribution

Tailored Insurance for personal valuables and more

Travelers offers a range of personal insurance products for individual needs. Some of the products are

  • Boat insurance – coverage for outboard motors, trailers, unattached equipment, liability coverage, medical payments and replacement cost payments for insured loss or damage
  • Vacation trailers – coverage for vacation trailers, tent trailers and camper units.
  • Group insurance – provides benefits to members of participating businesses, occupational or alumni associations and unions.
  • Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance – Umbrella insurance provides you with additional protection for liability losses that exceed your policy limits for unexpected events
  • Jewellery and Valuable Items coverage – For items valued above your homeowner's coverage limits, consider an optional extension to protect them in the event of a covered loss, including theft or fire.

*Shoppers in Ontario who obtained a quote on RATESDOTCA and transacted via our contact centre from July to December 2021 saved an average amount of $772. The average savings amount represents the difference between the shoppers’ average lowest quoted premium and the average of the second and third lowest quoted premiums generated by RATESDOTCA.

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