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About True North Mortgage

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, True North Mortgage opened its doors in 2006 to provide residential mortgage solutions to clients with good clients from coast to coast. Currently, the mortgage brokerage has 11 brick-and-mortar locations across Canada but many consumers think of True North Mortgage as being a primarily online brokerage. True North Mortgage works closely with large public banks and small private trust companies in Canada in order to match clients with the affordable, low-cost financing package.

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Frequently asked questions about True North Mortgage

Here's everything you may be wondering about True North Mortgage

Is True North Mortgage a Canadian company?

Yes, True North Mortgage was founded in Calgary, Alberta, and so far only arranges mortgages for Canadian clients.

Who owns True North Mortgage?

True North Mortgage founder and CEO Dan Eisner started the brokerage in 2003 in Calgary. Dan has expanded True North Mortgage throughout Canada, building store locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Burnaby, Montreal, Halifax, and Edmonton and adding more stores in Calgary.

What types of products does True North Mortgage Canada offer?

True North Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage with CMHC-approval as a lender.

Is True North Mortgage an A or B lender?

True North Mortgage is a brokerage that helps customers identify the best available mortgage rates.

Shivani Kaul

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Shivani has previously worked as a deputy digital productions editor with PMNA-The Canadian Press, and as an editor with The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and the Investor's Digest of Canada. She has also worked in reputed news media groups in India and the Middle East.

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