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Moncton mortgage market

Moncton, New Brunswick, is the largest urban centre in New Brunswick and is located at the geographic centre of the Maritime provinces.

The city has a relatively small population of just over 145,000. It’s earned the nickname “Hub City” due to its central location in the region and history as a Maritime railway and land transportation hub.

Moncton has a long history of overcoming past economic shocks, most notably the collapse of the shipbuilding industry, after which it rebuilt itself into a railway town. When CNR’s locomotive shops disappeared in the late 1980s, it successfully rebuilt itself yet again.

As the second largest Census Metropolitan Area in the Maritime provinces, Moncton homebuyers enjoy reasonably competitive rates consistent with other Atlantic Canada locations. That said, they’re generally higher somewhat than the country’s most competitive big-city markets.

Moncton mortgage rate trends

Here’s a quick look at the recent history of Moncton mortgage rates, relative to the lowest national rates, as of year-end.

Moncton average home prices
Average July 2020 July 2019 July 2017 July 2015
Moncton $209,100 11.55% 20.95% 41.19%
Greater Moncton $213,000 11.87% 20.36% 37.35%
Moncton Mortgage Graph
Moncton % change in July 2019
Greater Moncton % change in July 2019

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