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Top Ontario mortgage brokerages

The hot mortgage market of Ontario has many players, but which one is the best? At RATESDOTCA, we work with the best of best mortgage brokerages in Ontario to bring you competitive mortgage rates. Here are the top brokerages of Ontario that can guide you to get the best available mortgage rate in Ontario, suited for your financial situation.

  1. CENTUM Chartered Finance Inc. - With offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, the CENTUM network of over 2200 agents spanning across Canada. The CENTUM agents work towards creating “smart home ownership” plan for its customers. Collectively, CENTUM mortgage professionals have over two decades of experience and offer a variety of services from refinancing, mortgage pre-approval, renewals and switches.
  2. Rocket Mortgage – Rocket Mortgage started in 2020 as a brokerage using technology to transform the mortgage experience for brokers as well as home buyers. Rocket Mortgage offers a complete digital experience for clients who can apply for a mortgage from the comfort of their home. They offer a variety of mortgage products like renewals, refinancing, first-time home buyers mortgage, among other services. You can use Rocket Mortgage to get mortgage in all provinces and territories in Canada.
  3. Innovation Federal Credit Union – The Innovation Federal Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in Saskatchewan with offices in Regina and Saskatoon. The federal credit union offers different financial services including residential mortgage lending. Potential home buyers can reach out to Innovation agents using the website.
  4. Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc. – For the last 15 years, Mortgage Associates Ontario have been providing buyers with residential and commercial mortgage services in the province. The services include first-time home buyer mortgage programs and financing options, stop power of sale, reverse mortgage, refinance mortgage, second mortgage, renewal or switch, private mortgage, among others.
  5. Pine Canada Financial Corp. – Founded in 2021, Pine Canada Financial Corp. has offices in Alberta, B.C., and Ontario, and offer a fully digital experience for customers. They offer mortgage services like purchase, renewal, and refinance.
  6. QuestMortgage – QuestMortgage’s BetterRateTM mortgages promises great low rates to buyers and easy online application and approval process. QuestMortgage is not available for properties within Quebec, the Yukon, Nunavut or the Northwest Territories. You can hold your rate for up to 120 days with QuestMortgage.
  7. The Place to Mortgage – A part of the Mortgage Alliance companies, The Place to Mortgage is one of the well-known brands in the mortgage broker industry. The brokerage has offices in Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. It offers many mortgage products like Cash Back Mortgages, Bad Credit Mortgage, Cottage mortgage, New Immigrant Mortgage, among other common ones like refinance, renewal, commercial mortgages, reverse mortgages.
  8. Citadel Mortgages – Citadel Mortgages comprises of mortgage brokers and agents servicing Toronto, GTA, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and B.C.  They offer various mortgage products and also have an exclusive Citadel World Elite Card that offers a rewards program and discounts from 2,400 partners in North America.
  9. Butler Mortgage – With offices in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver and Calgary, Butler Mortgage claims to offer the lowest mortgage rates possible for home purchase, renewals, refinancing, and construction. The brokerage began in 1997. The brokerage provides mortgages from various lenders, and their brokers have direct access to every major lender in Canada.
  10. Nesto – Based in Montreal, nesto is a digital mortgage lender that employees mortgage advisors operating across Canada. If you find a lower rate than what nesto gives you, it will match that rate or give you $500 with nesto's low-rate guarantee. nesto also offers a 150-day rate hold which locks in a mortgage rate for that time period for certain mortgage types. This is the longest rate hold in Canada as big banks usually rate lock for a period of up to 120 days.
  11. True North Mortgage – Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, True North Mortgage began operations in 2006 and now has 11 store locations across Canada. It offers a variety of mortgage products in B.C., Ontario and Alberta. THINK Financial is their in-house mortgage lender.
  12. Neo Financial – Neo Mortgage is available across Canada except Quebec and is a technology-driven mortgage brokerage. Neo has other financial products like Neo Credit, Neo Secured Credit, Neo Money and Neo Invest, other than mortgage products and can help attend to specific customer needs. It’s a complete end-to-end digital mortgage experience, unlike a traditional mortgage broker.
  13. Mortgage Architects – Headquartered in Mississauga, Mortgage Architects is a well-established mortgage brokerage in Canada with offices in Vancouver, Laval, Calgary and Halifax. The brokerage boasts having access to 50+ lending institutions including big banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders.
  14. Canadian Mortgages Inc. (CMI) – The CMI Financial Group is a premier mortgage lender with different financial products including a mortgage brokerage. The brokerage offers different mortgage products like First Mortgages for the first-time homebuyer, Second Mortgages, Mortgage Bundles, Bridge Mortgages and Home Renovation Financing.
  15. Mortgage Intelligence – Mortgage Intelligence boasts over two decades of experience in the Canandian mortgage industry. It partners with over 50 national, regional and private lenders to meet customers’ needs. It also offers many mortgage products like mortgages for self-employeed workers, reverse mortgages, people with not so good credit ratings.
  16. Nuborrow – Based in Toronto and operating online, the Nuborrow mortgage brokerage offers services in Ontario and British Columbia. The brokerage has helped fund $700-million in mortgage loans and processed 5,000 mortgage applications since 2013. Nuborrow works with a team of 33 mortgage agents, offering a number of mortgage options, including vacation home mortgages, self-employed mortgages, rental purchase mortgages, and more.

Frequently asked questions about mortgage brokers in Ontario

Where can I find a mortgage brokerage in Ontario?

RATESDOTCA partners with 50+ mortgage providers to help you compare and find the best rates. We can help you connect with the right brokerage, saving you hours of time-consuming research. You can even compare mortgage rates on our website and save time and energy. It’s more convenient.

Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?

Yes, some mortgage brokers charge between 1% and 2% of the mortgage loan. Fees may depend on the size and number of loan. Some brokerages are paid by the lender.

What is better, going through a bank or a brokerage for a mortgage?

Going with a bank or brokerage is a choice you have to ultimately make. However, whatever you choose, make sure to have done your due diligence beforehand. Compare rates with as many lenders as possible and speak about broker fees if applicable.

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