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Mastercard Credit Cards

Take advantage of great Mastercard credit card offers today.

Today's best Mastercard credit card offers Oct 21, 2020


Mastercard is a credit card processing network with its HQ located in New York, United States. Mastercard partners with financial institutions in Canada, allowing them to issue credit cards that are processed on the Mastercard network. Using a Mastercard credit card allows you to pay for your purchases in a convenient and smart way. See the best Mastercard credit cards available in Canada and find the perfect one for all your spending needs.

Mastercard credit cards

Mastercard credit cards are offered by a large number of Canadian financial institutions and can include a wide variety of options for you to choose from, including student credit cards and lucrative rewards credit cards.

Mastercard credit cards fall under the following categories:

  • Standard Mastercard: Basic tier credit cards such as a student credit card or a no fee credit card.
  • World Mastercard: Rewards credit cards such as a cash back credit card.
  • World Elite Mastercard: Top tier rewards credit cards such as a travel rewards credit card with added travel perks such as insurance etc.

Using a Mastercard credit card allows you to access a large payment network, with tons of merchants who will happily accept your Mastercard. Similar to Visa, the Mastercard network is widespread around the globe. If you’re traveling with your Mastercard credit card, you can be rest assured that your card will be accepted at most retailers and vendors.

Mastercard security

Mastercard credit card holders have added security with transaction alerts and EVM chip technology. You also enjoy zero liability if you’re a victim of fraud. Any fraudulent transactions that are made in-store, over the telephone or online, are covered by the Zero Liability Mastercard policy. This makes paying with a Mastercard credit card safer than using cash.

Mastercard credit cards also have an additional SecureCode password that is required for online purchases, allowing you to safely do your online shopping.

Masterpass and Mastercard Priceless Cities

Take advantage of great Mastercard services.


Masterpass is a digital payment service offered by Mastercard, which allows you to store all your Mastercard cards and shipping information in one digital wallet. When you use the Masterpass wallet, you can expect your online shopping experience to be fast and convenient, with all the information you need in one place. When you shop with Masterpass, your online transactions are protected by Mastercard’s security.

Priceless cities

Mastercard cardholders can enjoy great experiences through the Priceless Cities program. Priceless Cities helps you find unforgettable experiences in cities around the world such as, live shows, food experiences and much more. You can also access a wide variety of digital experiences such as art tours and culinary classes.

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