Our goal is to help Canadians make better insurance and money decisions. As such, we are transparent and upfront about how our partners compensate us. Many of the money products we feature within our news and resources blog, TheDot, are from our partners. RATESDOTCA may receive a referral fee for applications through the site once they are approved.

However, our affiliates do not influence our reviews or ratings. We use the RATESDOTCA Best of Finance Methodology to objectively determine our rankings and make editorial choices — free from bias.

Our proprietary algorithm breaks down the average Canadian household’s monthly spending into 10 different categories to ensure the value and savings we present are as accurate as possible.

When calculating annual rewards and welcome bonuses, the Best of Finance Methodology assumes the credit card balance is paid in full each month, with no interest charges accrued. It also assumes that the consumer always shops using the card at partnered retailers, where applicable. All points and miles are converted into a cash value to compare cards equally. Spending is calculated over a 12-month period, considering all sign-up bonuses, good standing bonuses, first purchase bonuses, annual fees and waivers.

The Best of Finance Methodology assumes the cardholder redeems their rewards for the highest point value. The RATESDOTCA comparison tool assumes the user redeems their points for travel when “travel” is selected and statement credits when “cash+” is selected to determine the first-year value.

Rates, product information and rewards estimates are subject to change at any time and do not constitute financial advice. Please visit the associated website for complete and current terms and conditions on any product or service mentioned.

Our team of dedicated staff and knowledgeable freelance writers are committed to upholding these values, and the opinions expressed are solely those of RATESDOTCA.

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