Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Thinking about buying a new car? Our guide to the most expensive cars to insure might surprise you!

The 4 Most Expensive Cars To Insure

Having auto insurance is a necessity in today's world. Not only does the law require it but having proper car insurance, whether it's a luxury car, sports car, or an economy car, is just common sense. When purchasing a vehicle, it's wise to consider the cost of insurance before you buy. Below is a list of some of the most expensive cars to insure in Canada.

Honda Civic SI Coupe

Despite it's economy class rating at around $25,000, the Honda Civic SI is highly sought out by thieves that are looking to strip down the V-Tech Engine and sell it for parts. This car is popular amongst import tuners and street racers. An unprotected Civic will quickly find its way to the parts yard without proper protection. Upgrading the anti-theft device is recommended as well as additional coverage, which includes premium theft replacement.

Porsche Cayenne

As spicy as its namesake, the Porsche Cayenne is the luxury sports utility vehicle people dream about. Despite it's poor fuel rating and average sticker price of $75,000, the Cayenne is often the choice of celebrities and professional athletes. The Cayenne carries a special status symbol among SUVs with its subtle design and expensive parts. The on board security is sufficient but a little extra protection is never a bad thing. Additional insurance coverage to allow for auto rentals is suggested since repairing the Cayenne is labour intensive and the parts are difficult to acquire.

Ford F-250 Super Duty

This beast of a work truck may not seem like one of the most sought out vehicles by thieves but it's not what's on the outside they are looking for. The $35,000 work truck is often found on construction sites, work lots, farms and just about anywhere heavy-duty work is being performed. This often translates into access to storage keys, high-end electronics, and possible equipment resting in the back of the truck itself. Everything else is a bonus. It's not easy to be conspicuous driving a 3/4-ton behemoth so protecting that beast from intrusion should be high on the owner's list.

Acura TL

The Honda equipped TL may rest on the lower end of the luxury bracket at a median price of about $37,000 but it's this low sticker price that catches most people off guard. Prone to the same security woes as its economy class cousin, thieves gravitate to this vehicle for parts. Since the TL is considered a luxury class car, this makes it even more appealing for an outright boosting. The Type S and its upgrades are highly regarded by parts dealers. The low sticker price often deters budget-minded buyers from taking out additional coverage. This is a true mistake that is often realized after the fact.

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