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Written By Joel Kranc

Updated November 15, 2023

Does home insurance cover the cost of a locksmith?

While it is not widespread practice for home insurance policies to cover locksmith services, sometimes it can be an add-on to your existing policy.

When would you need a locksmith?

  • If you are accidentally locked out of your home
  • Your key breaks, is lost or stolen
  • If your locks are outdated and vulnerable to break-in
  • If your locks are damaged by weather-related incidents (e.g. storms), by fire or other natural disasters
  • If you’ve moved into a new house and require new locks for safety reasons

While standard policies may not cover locksmith services, there are scenarios where homeowners' insurance would provide some coverage. For example, if keys are lost or stolen, they are considered personal property and may be part of a covered peril.

Doors or locks damaged by a covered peril (storms, vandalism, fire, blizzard etc.) would also be part of your homeowner's insurance and likely be covered under a broader category.

Some policies may cover replacing locks and keys, while others may offer coverage as a policy add-on.

How to extend your coverage to include coverage for locks

All insurance policies have exclusions for specific causes of loss (or perils). An extended coverage endorsement or extension will add extra coverage to your policy for things not already covered by “basic” insurance.

After you’ve compared homeowners' insurance policy rates and received a quote from RATESDOTCA, it’s best to confirm with your insurance broker about what items are covered and if any extensions are needed/required.

While some weather-related or damage to locks may be covered by your home insurance, some instances may not. Lost or stolen keys is a tricky scenario. If keys are stolen, you must report it to your insurance broker immediately and have a locksmith change your locks as soon as possible to avoid break-in.

However, lost keys are not covered by your insurance provider.  As a result, this dissuades policyholders from prematurely declaring lost keys stolen.

Frequently asked questions about locksmith coverage

Does my homeowner's insurance cover locksmith services?

Not exactly. While some damages are covered and may require locksmith services for repair, locksmiths themselves would be part of an add-on to the policy.

Are lost keys covered by my home insurance?

No. Lost keys are not part of homeowners insurance, however stolen keys are. Make sure you know what has happened to your keys before attempting to make a claim.

How much do locksmiths charge when your main home door is damaged?

A locksmith can charge between $65 and $120 to open your main front door. The cost to rekey a house ranges from $50 to $130. Changing locks will range from about $80 to $200.

What is a smart lock and is it safer for homes?

A smart lock is a WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled lock that allows you to lock doors with a voice command or an app on your phone (giving you the freedom to leave keys in the drawer). Guests can be let in without you being there or locks can be locked if the kids forget to do it.

While smart locks can be safer than leaving a key under the doormat, like most tech devices, they are small computers. That means there is a potential for hacking – not just into your house, but also into your personal data. When purchasing a smart look consider ones that are:

  • 128-bit encrypted
  • Have two-factor authentication

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