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American-Express credit cards are used by millions of Canadians all over the country. They have cards that will fit the needs of anyone's lifestyle and provide rewards for loyalty. Almost 86% of all Canadians signed up with American Express belong to a rewards program. This article will provide information on the most popular cards that are available.

American Express Gold Rewards Card
This card has an annual fee of $0 for the first year and an annual fee of $150 each successive year. It does not provide cash advances or balance transfers. When a person first signs up, if he or she should spend $500 in purchases over the first three months of having the card, he or she can earn 25,000 worth of points, which is essentially enough points for a free round trip anywhere in North America. Some everyday purchases are eligible for earning double points, as are flyer miles. When a person signs up, he or she will also be given a Supplementary Gold Rewards Card worth $50 that will help him or her earn points more quickly. The interest rate on this card is 30%.

American Express Gold Credit Card with Cash Back
With this card, there is a $99 per year fee. Cash advances and bank transfers are available, each at a rate of 21.99%. The interest rate on this card is 19.99%. The main benefit that is associated with this card is that every purchase will allow the card user to gain 2% cash back until he or she hits $100,000. After that target is reached, the cash back is assigned to 1%. Supplementary cards can be purchased in order to earn points more quickly.

American Express AeroplanPlus Card
There is no annual fee for the first year of usage for this card, with an annual fee of $60 after that. This card does not allow for cash advances or balance transfers. The primary advantage that is associated with using this card is that it allows a person to instantly gain 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles. After that, a mile will be earned for every dollar that is spent. In some cases, money spent at certain vendors qualifies for double the miles. During the first year, all supplementary cards are free, with a subsequent charge of $20 after that. These miles can also be redeemed for stays at hotels, car rentals, vacations, and merchandise. The interest rate for this card is 30%.

American Express AIR MILES Credit Card
There is no fee to use this credit card and cash advances are available at a rate of 19.99%. The first time this card is used, the user will receive 500 free miles. For each $15 spent at American Express sponsors, 1 mile is earned. For other companies, 1 mile is earned for each $20 spent. There are more than 1,000 rewards that a card user is able to choose from, including movie tickets, accommodations, and airfare.
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