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Where our money comes from

Our quoters and financial tools are all free to use, which means that we don’t make any money from our customers. Instead, we are compensated by our partners – primarily insurance providers and financial institutions – who pay us once the customer connects with them through our website to purchase their product.

We always show our customers the best rate available based on their personalized inputs and selections. They will see the lowest price first and then decide whether to accept the offer or keep looking. There is absolutely no pressure for customers to accept any of the offers.

How we are compensated by vertical

The way we make money differs slightly by vertical. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Insurance*: Once our website matches the customer with their preferred insurance broker or insurance company we receive a flat fee for making the referral.
  • Mortgage: When the customer is matched to the appropriate lender or brokerage, we receive a flat fee for making the introduction.
  • Credit cards: Once the application for the credit card is approved by the bank or credit card company, we receive a fee.

*This includes auto, home and life insurance.

So, I won’t be charged for anything on RATESDOTCA?

Correct. You won’t be charged for anything on our website. This means that you can compare rates on our site as much as you like without worrying about incurring any charges (we don’t even ask you for your payment information).

We believe in empowering Canadians to make better insurance and money decisions, which is why the choice to secure the best rate is always yours.

Does RATESDOTCA function like a brokerage?

No. RATESDOTCA is a comparison website, which means that it is in its own category – separate from brokerages. We work with insurance providers, mortgage brokers, and financial institutions to aggregate their available rates so you can compare them side by side.

This allows us to publish more rates than anyone else and for you to shop the market. You’ve likely already used comparison websites when looking for the best price for hotels or flights. Our services work similarly – by showing you all the rates in one place so you can find and select the best one.

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