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Take the Quiz: Myth-Busting Some Common Misconceptions about Credit Cards

Aug. 24, 2021
5 mins
A woman drinking a cup of coffee enters her credit card info online

Canadians are partial to paying with plastic, with just under 90% reporting to own a credit card, according to a 2020 Payments Canada report. Canadians’ credit card usage has surged to historic highs amidst the growing e-commerce market.

In 2019, credit cards became the most used point-of-sale payment method in the country for the first time. Yet, there are plenty of common misconceptions about credit cards that circulate today. In fact, in another survey, less than half of Canadians said they were credit card savvy.

So, how credit card savvy are you? Before you tap or insert your card, swipe through our myth-busting quiz to test your credit knowledge.

Be smart, be safe and educate yourself on how credit cards work. Cash back and rewards credit cards usually offer everyday savings and curated offers exclusive to cardholders.

However, you may find that a credit card with a low interest rate is a good fit — after all, rewards are not always the top credit card perk. Choosing the right credit card will depend on your spending habits.

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Patrick Faller

Patrick is a writer, creative media producer, and award-winning journalist with a love of technology, the arts, and design. He’s passionate about consumer affairs and helping Canadians make the best possible choices when it comes to their finances. You can find him on social media @patfaller.

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