RATESDOTCA’s Editorial Policies

Learn about the editorial principles that inform our coverage of insurance, mortgages, and credit cards.

Our editorial principles

Our mission is to provide accurate, unbiased, and useful information about insurance, mortgages, and credit cards.

  • Humans are in charge of our editorial decisions and content creation. Our team of experienced content managers, editors, and writers selects the topics we cover and does so through a Canadian lens to ensure their relevance to you, our readers.
  • Our content is well-researched and unique. We rely on experts, like insurance and mortgage brokers, and authoritative secondary sources for our research. Our content undergoes editing and fact-checking before publication.
  • Our goals are originality and objectivity. To achieve this, we rely on data-driven content. We use proprietary data generated by RATESDOTCA’s quoting tool. A team of in-house data scientists helps the editorial team contextualize the findings properly.

Editorial team

Experienced editors and writers are responsible for creating all the content on RATESDOTCA. Our team members have been featured in trusted outlets such as the Toronto Star, National Post, the Globe and Mail, The Guardian, and the CBC.

We have a full editorial staff, consisting of:

  • Content managers who are dedicated to each product RATESDOTCA compares (auto and home insurance and mortgages).
  • Senior editors and in-house writers who oversee our blogs and reports.
  • A roster of freelancers.

To learn more about the people who bring you the latest on Canadian insurance and mortgage products, visit our editors and writers page.

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Corrections, updates and removals

Our editorial process is structured so that the content on RATESDOTCA is accurate and up to date.

Editors review content before publication, and data-intensive reports are checked by an editor, a data scientist, and one of our in-house experts. Once a page exists on our site, we aim to update it regularly to reflect the latest information.

Our editing and page update process ensures we’ve weeded out factual inaccuracies before we publish. However, we will act quickly to correct errors when they are caught. If you want to report an error, please get in touch with us at email@rates.ca.

How RATESDOTCA makes money

Our service provides free quotes to Canadians who are shopping for insurance, mortgages, and credit cards. We've partnered with more than 50 of Canada's leading insurance companies, brokerages, and lenders to simplify the comparison shopping experience, to provide consumers with more choice, and to promote competition. These partners pay us for referring customers to them.

Our aim is to help Canadians make informed decisions about insurance and mortgages and to improve their buying experience by displaying multiple quotes in the time it takes to apply for one. We aim to be an objective resource. After you input your details, show you all the rates you qualify for and order them from lowest to highest.

Here's a breakdown of how we make money from each financial product.

  • Insurance: We receive a flat fee for making a referral once our website matches the customer with the insurance broker or carrier of their choice.
  • Mortgage: We receive a flat fee for referring a customer to the appropriate lender or brokerage.
  • Credit cards: We receive a fee once the issuing lender approves a credit card application.

We are constantly working to expand our network of partners to ensure RATESDOTCA is truly representative of the complete Canadian marketplace. We're confident that we'll be able to accomplish this, as our user base continues to grow every year. We're grateful to all our site visitors who are making this possible.

Your privacy as a RATESDOTCA user

Using RATESDOTCA requires you to enter some personal information so that we can provide a quote or a recommendation. With your consent, we might ask you about your age, gender, marital status, driving and insurance history, address, credit history, and more. Collecting this data is necessary to determine your risk profile. We and our partners will only use it to fulfill your requested services (i.e., a request for a quote, to answer any inquiries, or to respond to your feedback). We take privacy seriously and will only use your information for specific, limited purposes. To learn more, read our full privacy policy.

How to reach us

Have feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. See below for our contact information.


225 King St W, Suite 1000
Toronto M5V 3M2

Phone: 1-844-726-0907
Email: support@rates.ca

For media inquiries: Forward interview requests and media inquiries to media@rates.ca.

To reach the content team: Get in touch with the content team at email@rates.ca.

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