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When Safety Is Paramount These 64 Vehicles Get the Job Done

Feb. 19, 20
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Mom buckles baby into the car seat in their family vehicle

Thirty-six cars and 28 SUVs have what it takes to be named by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as some of the safest vehicles on the road. Not one minivan or pickup truck made the cut.

Each year, the IIHS announces its Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ award winners. These are vehicles with good ratings in each of the six crashworthiness tests the IIHS performs. The vehicles must also have or can be equipped with headlights that meet the Institute’s standards, and, a front-crash prevention system that earns an advanced or superior rating in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian situations.

The differentiating factor between the Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ winners is the “plus” winners’ qualifying headlights are standard in the vehicle, rather than an option.

Why Headlights Make the Difference

According to the IIHS, at highway speeds, it takes a driver 1.5 seconds to react to an obstacle under ideal conditions. During this time a vehicle will continue to travel for 120 feet (or about 37 metres). When driving at night, therefore, a vehicle’s headlights should light the way beyond this distance to minimize the risk of a collision.

Vehicles awarded the Top Safety Pick+ are equipped with headlights that the IIHS deems good or acceptable.

“The headlight ratings that have been part of our awards criteria in recent years have pushed automakers to pay more attention to this essential equipment,” says IIHS President David Harkey. “However, finding vehicles with the right headlights can be a challenge for consumers. We wanted to reward automakers that have removed this obstacle.”

The Winners Are ...

When equipped with the necessary front-crash prevention systems (which may not be a standard feature on every model), the following vehicles are this year’s Top Safety Pick+ and Top Safety Pick winners.

2020 Top Safety Pick+ Winners: Cars and SUVs

Small Cars Midsize Cars Midsize Luxury Cars Large Luxury Cars Small SUVs Midsize Luxury SUVs
Honda Insight Mazda 6 Lexus ES Audi A6 Mazda CX-3 Acura RDX
Mazda 3 hatchback and sedan Nissan Maxima Mercedes Benz C-Class sedan Genesis G70 Mazda CX-5 Cadillac XT6
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Subaru Legacy Tesla Model 3 Genesis G80 Subaru Forester Hyundai Nexo
Subaru Outback Lexus NX
Toyota Camry Mercedes Benz GLE-Class

2020 Top Safety Pick Winners: Cars

Small Cars Midsize Cars Midsize Luxury Cars Large Car Large Luxury
Honda Civic coupe, hatchback (not Type R), and sedan Honda Accord BMW 3 Series Kia Stringer Audi A7
Hyundai Elantra and Elantra GT Hyundai Sonata Volvo S60
Hyundai Veloster Nissan Altima
Kia Forte
Kia Soul
Subaru Crosstrek
Subaru Impreza sedan and wagon
Subaru WRX
Toyota Corolla hatchback and sedan

2020 Top Safety Pick Winners: SUVs

Small SUVs Midsize SUVs Midsize Luxury SUVs Large SUVs
Chevrolet Equinox Ford Edge Lexus RX Audi Q8
Ford Escape Hyundai Palisade
Honda CR-V Hyundai Sante Fe
Hyundai Kona Kia Sorento
Hyundai Tucson Kia Telluride
Kia Sportage Mazda CX-9
Lexus UX Subaru Ascent
Lincoln Corsair Volkwagen Tiguan
Toyota RAV4
Volvo XC40

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