Who doesn’t love to save money, especially at this time of year? As throngs of shoppers descend on the stores for sales this week, don’t overlook the discounts you can unwrap online when you compare auto insurance quotes. For real! Discounts are a great way to lower what you pay for your auto insurance coverage but only if you know about them. See how much you could be saving at Rates.ca with these popular discounts.

Winter tire discount

Winter tires are a great way to tackle the season safely, and in Ontario, having them will ensure you get a discount, usually in the neighbourhood of about 5%. The Ontario auto insurance discount for winter tires is available from all insurers in the province.

There’s an Alberta auto insurance discount for winter tires too, but its availability will vary by insurer. If your provider doesn’t offer it, it’s time to shop around.

Multi-vehicle discount

Have a couple of cars parked in the driveway? Insure them all through the same company for a break on your premiums, usually about 15%.

Member discounts

Membership has its benefits. Your affiliation, or your spouse's, with a school, employer, or union could qualify you for a discount that may save you as much as 30%.

Multi-line discount

Insurers love to bundle policies! If you insure your home or condo with the same company that insures your vehicle, you'll usually save in the range of 15 to 20%.

Roadside assistance

A roadside assistance program has many perks and if you’ve ever been stranded at the side of the road you know this to be true. But did you also know it may qualify you for a discount that could be as much as 15%?

Telematics discount

Usage-based insurance programs monitor a driver's driving habits to offer insurance discounts to good drivers. Many programs offer a 5% rate reduction just for signing up, with additional premium decreases down the road.

Ready to Knock Down Your High Insurance Rates?

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