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Research Update: Average Canadian Household Debt Up, Buoyed by Alberta, B.C. Levels

Household debt ratcheted up significantly for the average Canadian, according to recent research from BMO. BMO's Annual Debt Report shows the average household debt across Canada increased to $76,140, from $72,045 a year earlier. But the debt explosion in Alberta and British Columbia was far ahead of other provinces, skewing... Continue reading »

North American Consumers Starting to Jump on the Pet Insurance Bandwagon

Pacemaker implants, radiation therapy and CAT scans are commonplace solutions to patients suffering from serious medical ailments but increasingly these procedures are being applied to cats and dogs. With rapid advancements in veterinary medicine come higher costs to pet owners and many are discovering that pet insurance is often the... Continue reading »

Car Sharing Services Speeding Ahead in Canada

In Canada's largest urban centres, it's quite common to see white and blue Car2go smart cars and the green Zipcar logo prominently displayed in subcompact automobiles, dotting downtown streets and parking lots. Canadians have embraced the convenience and cost-effectiveness of sharing cars, which eliminates spending on vehicle maintenance, insurance costs... Continue reading »