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What Discounts Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium?

woman smiling in blue car
Canadian auto insurance rates seem ever on the rise. Like any other product or service, it's tough to finger one commodity in 2019 that hasn't escalated in cost or even remained level over time. In the case of auto premiums, price increases don't stem directly from a hike in raw materials or labor costs. Rather, an insurance company's claims experience ... Continue reading »

Ontario Is Allowing More Testing of Autonomous Vehicles: What Does This Mean?

Man sits with hand on knees in self-driving car
Would you get into the back seat of a car without a driver? Ontario residents may soon see autonomous vehicles — the industry term for cars that drive themselves — on the road as part of ongoing research and development. The province is a world centre of innovative technology that goes into the making of self-driving cars. Invest Ontario reports that over ... Continue reading »

Can Blockchain Change the Auto Insurance Industry?

Bearded man uses blockchain technology from mobile device
By now you’ve likely heard or read about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Monero. You may think this technology is tied to exchanging digital currencies only, but there's more to the story.What Is Blockchain Technology, Anyway?The blockchain — through a series of complex computer verification steps — exists to validate the transfer of value or information ... Continue reading »

Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions in Calgary: A Snapshot

Calgary skyline with Bow River and cars in front
Overall, traffic accidents in Alberta have calmed down somewhat in recent years. In a recent study performed by the Alberta Transportation Office of Traffic Safety, statistics reveal trending decreases in the number of mishaps on the province's roads and highways. The most complete set of data has been compiled by the office for 2016, comparing collisions, injuries, and fatalities to ... Continue reading »