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Can Blockchain Change the Auto Insurance Industry?

Bearded man uses blockchain technology from mobile device
By now you’ve likely heard or read about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Monero. You may think this technology is tied to exchanging digital currencies only, but there's more to the story.What Is Blockchain Technology, Anyway?The blockchain — through a series of complex computer verification steps — exists to validate the transfer of value or information ... Continue reading »

Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions in Calgary: A Snapshot

Calgary skyline with Bow River and cars in front
Overall, traffic accidents in Alberta have calmed down somewhat in recent years. In a recent study performed by the Alberta Transportation Office of Traffic Safety, statistics reveal trending decreases in the number of mishaps on the province's roads and highways. The most complete set of data has been compiled by the office for 2016, comparing collisions, injuries, and fatalities to ... Continue reading »

Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions in Ottawa: A Snapshot

Cars drive through downtown Ottawa
Driving in Canada's capital has become more dangerous than ever. Ottawa traffic fatalities increased from 26 to 32 in 2017 as compared to 2016, while also marking a 30 percent increase over 2015 figures. When you dissect the details around automobile-related collisions in the city, it makes sense to know when and where the most mishaps occur. It's also prudent ... Continue reading »

Motor Vehicle Collisions in Montreal: A Snapshot

Cars parked on Montreal street
Motor vehicle accidents on Quebec roads in 2017 resulted in many deaths and serious injuries. The 2017 figures are an indication that it is becoming more and more difficult to improve the road safety record, which undoubtably has an impact on first-time car insurance.How Montreal Compares to the Rest of QuebecIn 2017, there was an increase in the number ... Continue reading »

How Safe Is Driving in Toronto?

Traffic in Toronto
On the whole, driving in Canada has grown safer over the past 20 years, which is good news for first time car insurance shoppers and everyone on the roads. However, driving on Canadian roads still isn't completely risk-free. In 1998, 3,076 Canadians lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents, according to Transport Canada. In 2016, fatalities totaled 1,898 ... Continue reading »

Canada Just Legalized Marijuana. Here's How It Might Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Cannabis leaf in front of white car
First-time car insurance consumers have something new to think about this year. Marijuana is now legal in Canada. Many Canadians have admitted to driving after using cannabis, but the connection to road safety is uncertain. Some U.S. jurisdictions where cannabis is legal have reported higher crash rates. If there is a similar effect in Canada after marijuana legalization, there ... Continue reading »

Drinking and Driving: How It Impacts Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Police car lights at night
Canada's already-strict drunk driving laws got stricter in December when officers gained the right to request a breath sample from any driver they pull over. Maximum penalties for many drinking and driving offences increased across Canada with some sentences doubled from 5 to 10 years. Drivers should now expect to give breath samples at traffic checkpoints.The maximum amount of ... Continue reading »

Top 5 Safety Tips for Winter Driving in Ontario

Car driving on country road in winter
Rather than dreading winters in the Great White North, many Canadians relish what Mother Nature has to offer. Snowshoeing in Banff, skiing in Alberta or skating just about anywhere helps residents and tourists alike make the most of frigid temperatures and frequent snowfall. In urban areas such as Toronto, Ontario, winter festivals feature contests, live music, parades, and fireworks for ... Continue reading »

Senior Driving: Is It Safe?

older lady driving
According to Stats Canada, the number of seniors age 80 and over is expected to increase by a factor of 2.6 between now and 2036 for a total of 3.3 million Canadians over age 80. While not every octogenarian Canadian will choose to drive, if current trends hold, about 70 per cent of Canadians age 65 and older ... Continue reading »

Climate Change: How Weather-Related Incidents Impact Insurance Rates

car driving on flooded road-min.jpg
Weather and climate change have a significant impact on insurance providers. The industry has an obvious financial stake when it comes to predicting the probability of catastrophic weather. If the climate is unpredictable, it may affect the way that insurance providers calculate risk. What's more, it makes first time car insurance more complicated as there is a lot to consider ... Continue reading »