Destinations where a five-star hotel won’t break the bank

Don’t like roughing it and love to travel, but want to get good value? Then you’ll be interested in’s ranking of cities worldwide where Canadians pay the least — and most — for a stay in a five-star hotel.

Five-Star Luxury on a Budget

In 2015, the best five-star hotel per night prices for Canadian travellers could be found in:

Rank City Price
1. Berlin, Germany $203
2. Istanbul, Turkey $205
3. Bangkok, Thailand $208
4. Lisbon, Portugal $231
5. Prague, Czech Republic $233
6. Phuket, Thailand $255
7. Madrid, Spain $266
8. Las Vegas, Nevada $291
9. Shanghai, China $297
10. Seoul, South Korea $297

In comparison, you can bank on spending a pretty (shiny) penny for the indulgence in:

Rank City Price
1. Riviera Mayo, Mexico $774
2. Los Angeles, California $691
3. Honolulu, Hawaii $658
4. Tokyo, Japan $632
5. Boston, Massachusetts $627
6. Chicago, Illinois $602
7. Cancun, Mexico $591
8. Montreal, Quebec $578
9. Venice, Italy $561
10. San Francisco, California $554

If hotels aren’t your thing, you can also often find reasonably priced vacation rental accommodations through sites like Airbnb and VRBO (I’ve personally used VRBO with success several times — in Istanbul, Barcelona, and Saratoga Springs, N.Y.).

In addition to choosing travel destinations where hotel prices are affordably priced, there are other ways to save while travelling too.

Compare Airfares Early and Often

As soon as you know when and where you're flying, compare airfares and compare them frequently to get a feel for what's a good deal and what's not. Prices often fluctuate and this research will give you the knowledge of when it is best to book.

Will That Be One Suitcase or Two?

Always check to see how many bags you’re allowed before packing as it will vary by destination and airline. If flying to an international destination, you’re often allowed one item of checked luggage for free. But, add a second suitcase and you’ll have to fork over some of those pennies you’ve saved.

Travel Light, Save Money

So let’s assume you’ve been able to fit everything you want to take with you into one piece of luggage. Make sure you weigh the suitcase before you head off to the airport. Even though you may be travelling with just one item of luggage, if it exceeds the allowable weight, you'll pay anywhere from $75 to $100 more. Generally, to avoid the fees for an overweight bag, your packed luggage must weigh less than 23kg (or 50 lbs.).

Pack Travel Insurance

You should never travel without travel insurance because it will ultimately save you more money should you fall ill or become injured, than the premiums you paid. It’s essential.

Travelling with a budget in mind doesn’t mean that you have to travel to destinations you're not interested in or stay at accommodations you don't like. In fact, getting the most out of your travel dollar is a smart way to see more of the world.

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