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Will Home Insurance Cover Packages Stolen Off Your Porch?

Oct. 27, 2021
2 mins
Recently delivered packages sit on a front porch

E-commerce is booming, thanks to industry giants like Amazon, small businesses, and online merchants. However, a surge in online shopping has also led to a rise in porch pirates — often confident individuals who will take your parcel and flee. According to FedEx, one in three Canadians report being the victim of package theft.

While these pirates won’t make you walk the plank, they will leave you with a messy predicament. Will your home insurance provider cover the cost of stolen packages? The answer is the same as many questions about insurance claims: it depends.

Unfortunately, many basic home and tenant insurance plans do not include coverage for stolen packages. If they do, you still might have to pay a deductible, which can be costlier than the stolen item itself. In many cases, home insurance will only be a viable option for a package if it is of high value.

Here are some other avenues you can explore to regain the cost of stolen packages or prevent theft in the future.

Install a home monitoring system

Installing a surveillance system could help stop the problem by deterring thieves in the first place. Many criminals go for the easiest target, so a good home surveillance system could discourage thieves from taking your property.

If you still have a package stolen, the footage will help with filing a police report.

Check if your credit card covers your purchase

Many credit card plans include purchase protection, which typically covers the cost of lost or stolen merchandise. It’s worth checking if your credit card will cover the loss before calling your home insurance, as it could be a simple and cost-effective alternative.

Most credit cards have a claim limit, though. The credit card will usually cap purchase protection up to a certain dollar value per item and a maximum annual or lifetime value. The stolen item must have been purchased using the credit card to qualify.

File a claim with the shipping company

If the retailer or your credit card company is unwilling to help you out, turn your attention to the shipping company. Some companies will have an online process to start your claim. Many standard parcels do not have insurance, though.

If none of the above works, then your last option is to contact your home insurance provider to see if they’ll cover the loss. If you have a basic home insurance plan, or if your coverage includes a large deductible, you may be out of luck.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly effortless. If you plan to buy more things on the web, it’s a good idea to take preventative measures like purchasing a home monitoring system. You can also compare home insurance plans to see whether they cover stolen packages.

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