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Travel Alone? Why Travelling Solo is Exciting & Rewarding

June 12, 2019
6 mins
Woman listens to music while waiting for her flight at airport

Do you want to travel alone but aren’t sure? For some, the road less travelled is often because when you finally have the time to get away you have family and work obligations and can’t enjoy it. Hence, when you have the opportunity to plan a solo trip - even a short one - you should seize the moment.

But often, what holds you back is fear of the unknown or questions about travelling to locations you’re not familiar with. But, solo travel can be rewarding and open your mind to a new form of self-discovery - even if you’re only travelling to the next province. Here are a few reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your lifetime.

You Can Break from Daily Stress and Become Your Own #Boss

“Do this now.” “Send this out ASAP.” “Get it done right away.” Does any of that sound familiar? If you work a busy job, it can be quite demanding with meetings first thing in the morning. Then there are customer or client emails to respond to and the cycle continues all week long. At some point, you have to ask yourself where are YOU in all of this? How can you be the #boss if you can’t get from under your boss’s wings?

Hence, a solo trip can help you break away from the daily stresses in your life. One of the most rewarding parts about solo travel is breaking away from everyone else’s expectations of how to start and run your day. When you break out of that bubble and get out of the comfort zone of the familiar, you'll feel more relaxed and can accomplish more. But, how?

Here are a few ideas:

  • While you’re away, disconnect from the internet and “checking in”.
  • Hit the snooze button a few times.
  • Get up when you want to.
  • Plan a trip with new adventures.
  • Visit a quaint cafe in Paris where no one knows you and bring a good read.
  • Sign up for a few activities like that snorkelling excursion or the mountain trek.

You Can Learn About New Cultures and New Ways of Living

A great way to escape from your usual comfort zone is to tap into how other people live. This expands your mindset and helps you learn about others. When you book your getaway, consider picking an area that will let you get immersed in other cultures and experiences.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy a language guide for a new country and learn the language.
  • Visit an area like Italy where you can enjoy a slower pace, take a few naps and enjoy long meals. Then crush a few grapes and make your own vino. Follow this up with lots of dancing!
  • Head to Spain so you can run with the bulls or watch other people run with the bulls. And, get a good laugh when you see someone shrieking, “This is bulls&#!%”
  • Travel to Thailand so you can teach a volunteer class to children. Or spend the day playing with the elephants.

You Get to be the Grown Up

It’s not that you don’t want to travel with your parents, but when you do, you’re always the kid. "Let's do this instead." "We'll see." "Why don't you listen to your mother." Yes, your parents love you, but on family trips, you have to plan your time around them. When you book a solo trip, you get to map out where to go and how to cover expenses. It’s both a rewarding and challenging time to learn new strategies. And, you don't have to consult with others (just maybe a review site, or two).

Here are a few tips:

  • When you book your flights, hotels and rental cars, shop for deals for added savings.
  • Purchase travel insurance to cover the unexpected (flight delays, cancellations, a sickness) on your trip.
  • Compare prices for excursions so you can find the best deals (and ask the locals where to shop).
  • Read reviews on area attractions from the residents (so you’ll know what to avoid).

You Can Explore the World Or Stay Local

It was John Donne who wrote, “No man is an island.” Meaning, you can’t just stay in and of yourself. Getting out in the world lets you explore other ways of living. You can make new friends, learn how to budget for your trip and do things that add value to your life.

To help you create the most memorable experiences whether you’re around the world or in the next province or territory, here are a few tips:

  • Take time to observe how others live. Watch children playing in a park. Listen to people talking in their native languages.
  • Daydream a little and watch the birds overhead. Capture the sunrise or sunset on video.
  • Sign up for a yoga class in Bali, take a biking tour in St. Catharines or sign-up for a flamenco dance lesson in Madrid.
  • Book that rappelling and rafting tour in Costa Rica or head to Las Vegas to race laps in a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
  • Get tickets to the Supercross Toronto or book a motocross vacation in Southern California.

You’ll Have More Freedom and Alone Time

“I want this now.” “Why are you doing it that way?” “You’re not listening to me.” Travelling with a spouse or loved one is great, but you might feel obligated to always do things as a couple. On a solo trip, you’re free to do what you want. But, what about all that alone time? Won’t you be scared or feel insecure? Won’t you get bored? On solo trips, it can feel scary travelling alone and separation anxiety can set in.

But, when you have other activities and people to talk to, you’ll find that it dissipates over time. And, if you get bored, load up your tablet or phone with apps to occupy your time.

Here are a few tips:

  • Book excursions and activities with other people at your hotel.
  • Take a cruise and then hop on social media to connect with people who will be onboard the same travel dates.
  • Sign up for group tours and get on social media so you’ll know at least a few people ahead of time.
  • Stay in an area where people have similar interests (students, same work industry). These can help you network and meet others.
  • Load up your smartphone and other mobile devices with games, books, new music and movies.

Ready to Find the Best Travel Insurance Rates?

Travelling alone at least once can be an exciting time. You'll explore new areas and you get to be your own boss. Don't worry if you'll be bored or might feel alone. You can meet new friends and load up your phone or tablet with your favourite apps. And, when you're ready to book your trip, use for travel insurance.

With, you can compare quotes on travel insurance to lock in the best savings (and have the most awesome adventure away!). Shop for a quote today!


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