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IBC Wins Award for PATNET System That Combats Auto Theft


The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) recently received the New Brunswick Crime Prevention Association's Business Excellence Award for its development of the Provincial Auto Theft Network (NB PATNET).

PATNET aims to decrease auto theft by establishing a network of information sharing between police officers and IBC's auto theft and fraud investigators. Additionally, training programs such as Red Flags at the Roadside and seminars have been implemented to advance industry relationships between property and casualty insurance companies and law enforcement officials.

"NB PATNET is a local solution for breaking down the communication barriers between our law enforcement community. The sharing of information has never been better in my 36 years investigating stolen vehicles. NB PATNET works and will serve as the model for other jurisdictions," says Guy Ouellette, Auto Theft Investigator, Atlantic with IBC.

PATNET has now expanded into Nova Scotia with initial training seminars provided to 40 law enforcement officers and will be introduced to Prince Edward Island next.

Amanda Dean, IBC's Vice-President, Atlantic adds: "PATNET is an important tool that has successfully helped law enforcement officials reduce auto theft and fraud in the Atlantic region. And it has great potential to reduce crime in other parts of the country. In fact, our plan is to launch this network nationally."