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Why You Need Renters Insurance — And What to Look for in a Policy

Sept. 23, 2021
3 mins
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In September 2018, dozens of tenants of a high rise in Toronto were displaced by a fire. At the time, the CBC reported that 50% of renters in Canada don’t have tenant insurance. That included several of those high-rise residents who struggled to find shelter after Red Cross assistance ran out. Helping to fill the gaps during such times of crisis is one of the benefits of tenant, or renters, insurance. Coverage may cost less than you think and provide essential peace of mind.

Renters insurance: what it protects

Most people think of their contents when it comes to insurance. That’s certainly the case for a tenant policy, which gives you compensation for losses due to an insured risk. Usually, that includes things like fire or water damage. You can choose between a replacement value or cash value policy — the difference between the two is how much it costs to replace your items versus their market value when you lost them.

Tenant insurance also offers liability protection if you get sued. That may sound unlikely, but sometimes injuries or property damage happen where you live. If the injured person takes legal action, your insurance company can help defend you. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, most tenant insurance policies have liability coverage of $1 million that you can increase to $2 million.

Additional living expenses are also included in most policies, subject to certain limits. If you can’t live in your home for an insured reason, you can get meals, moving costs, and accommodation covered during the transition. That would generally apply in situations like that faced by the residents of the Toronto high rise.

There’s another reason to buy renters insurance, though: building up a good history with an insurance provider. That way, when you buy a home one day, you’re more likely to get a low rate on home insurance.

Read the fine print

Renters insurance sounds like a good deal — and it is, but it’s always important to know your policy. Generally, this type of coverage is affordable. But your costs depend on several factors. Those might include your neighbourhood, the age or condition of your building, and the number of belongings you own.

In addition, you can choose to increase your coverage by paying a higher premium. You may want to take this step if your deductible is higher than a potential payout. While it’s true costs to replace your clothing, furniture and other items can quickly add up, a high deductible can mean you still have to pay a lot out of your own pocket.

There are several ways you can save on tenant insurance, such as getting quotes from different companies and bundling together your renters and auto insurance.

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Don't waste time calling around for tenant insurance

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Read your policy thoroughly, and if you are unclear about any details, ask your insurance provider for more information.

Check out the latest insurance quotes

It’s easier than ever to buy insurance online from trusted companies. For example, Duuo Insurance (created by The Co-operators General Insurance Company) offers month-to-month policies with no cancellation fees and allows you to buy tenant insurance online in just a few minutes. Before you sign on for a new policy, check out all your home insurance options at RATESDOTCA. You can get the protection you need for yourself and your belongings in the event of the unexpected.


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