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What Is Wedding Insurance and Do I Need It?

June 21, 2019
2 mins
A young couple walk happily down the street in fall clothes

If you’re shopping for wedding insurance, chances are the big day is quickly approaching. So, congrats! Planning your wedding can be a very busy time and there’s a lot of stress.

You want your day to be perfect and you don’t want to worry about what could go wrong. What if the gown is damaged? What if the venue cancels at the last minute? But, before you shell out all your money for last-minute emergencies, here’s how wedding insurance can help. You want to plan the perfect day so you’re not overcharged.

What's the worst that could happen?

Grandpa's dentures fall out at the reception. Your cousin splits his pants on the dance floor. Yup, these are all wedding mishaps you can laugh about. But, if your wedding reception venue suddenly closes, or the tuxedo rental company loses the tuxes, that's no laughing matter.

Wedding insurance is protection if something happens beyond your control. While you might think, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Actually, a lot can happen:

  • The limo driver might show up on the wrong day or cancel at the last minute. If you have to book another driver, you might incur a higher charge - especially if it’s shortly before your wedding or the same day.
  • Your gown, dresses or the tuxedos might be lost at the airport or damaged en route to you. If you have to pay for new formal wear, the costs can be dramatically higher especially for last minute alterations.
  • The wedding reception location could go bankrupt and close or shut down due to a severe weather incident. And, the costs to find another venue with short notice may be much higher.

Wedding insurance costs

The average wedding in Canada might cost about $46,000. To avoid financial losses from unforeseen mishaps, start a wedding insurance policy. A basic policy might run anywhere from $200 to $500 but coverage can give you up to $1,000,000 for any accidents. Having a general liability insurance policy can protect you if someone gets hurt on the dance floor. Or, if the food isn’t prepared properly and someone gets sick.

What’s covered

  • If the reception hall cancels at the last minute due to a fire or flood or if they go bankrupt and shut down.
  • Anything weather-related that stops the bridal party from getting to the venue might be covered. This might include flights and hotels.
  • Rescheduling reception halls or tent rentals, food and flowers.
  • No-shows if you have to cancel or postpone due to a no-show from the caterers, officiant, wedding coordinator or florist.
  • Injuries or sickness to the bride, groom or wedding party might be covered.
  • A cancellation or postponement due to a work-related change in date or if a soon-to-be spouse is in the military.

What’s not covered (but can be included)

  • Photography mishaps and videography damage.
  • Gifts that are stolen or lost in the mail.
  • The wedding attire if it’s lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Your honeymoon costs, trip delays and lost or stolen luggage (your credit card insurance company or home insurer might cover these).

Is wedding insurance necessary?

Do you have to get wedding insurance? The answer is no. But, it’s added coverage at a low price that protects you. And, think about it. You wouldn’t travel out of Canada without travel insurance and, you wouldn’t book a cruise without insurance, right? Wedding insurance is the same thing.

The protection gives you added peace of mind and it will help if you have any problems with vendors and have to fight to get your deposit back. Wedding insurance is important. When you start shopping for your wedding, you’ll look for your wedding venue. You'll find the rehearsal hall and other areas where you will entertain your guests. You’ll also hire caterers, a florist and a wedding coordinator. These all require deposit money and some contracts have stipulations that your deposit won't be returned. Hence, the need for wedding insurance.

Tips to safeguard your big day

To help you protect your wedding, use the following tips:

  • Ask your vendors if they have insurance and request a copy of their policy. This includes for the reception site, florists, formal wear companies, invitation company and caterers.
  • Check with several wedding insurance companies before signing on the dotted line. They may have stipulations about how far in advance you can set up wedding insurance.
  • Have a backup plan to reduce stress. If you’re planning an outside wedding, set up tents in case it rains. If you hire a limo driver, have a same-day driver as a backup (just in case).

Ready to plan your big day?

Wedding insurance can safeguard your wedding day plans. While it's not required, it's added protection in the event something occurs beyond your control.

Shop for wedding insurance and compare plans before selecting your insurer. For help, if you have a last minute wedding disaster or didn't budget enough and need cash fast, consider a personal loan.

For wedding mishaps, you can reach out to your home insurance provider. And, avoid a wedding day disaster (but, if the best man makes a lousy toast just edit it out of your wedding day video!).


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