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Northbridge Insurance Announces COVID-19 Relief Measures

April 20, 2020
5 mins
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Northbridge Insurance is providing premium relief and additional flexibility to help its existing customers cope with the financial impact of COVID-19.

The insurer established a COVID-19 resource page for its customers to access, which includes an FAQ and other tools.

All Northbridge auto policyholders with third-party liability coverage as of May 31, 2020, will receive an automatic 15% premium rebate for the months of April, May, and June. No application is required, and the rebate will be processed beginning June 1, 2020. This rebate applies only to private passenger vehicles.

The insurer is also offering:

  • Suspension of Personal Road Coverage. Northbridge customers who have ceased using their vehicles entirely will be able to suspend their personal road coverage during the pandemic. If coverage is reduced to comprehensive only, customers will not qualify for the premium relief rebate.
  • Vehicles in the United States. If customers have had to change their travel plans, flying back to Canada urgently because of the pandemic and leaving their vehicle in the United States, Northbridge is allowing coverage for that vehicle to continue while it’s located outside of Canada.
  • Payment Flexibility. Northbridge will work on a case-by-case basis where customers are facing challenging circumstances and have requested a one-month payment deferral. The insurer will also waive all non-sufficient fund fees until May 31, 2020.
  • Private Passenger Vehicle Use for Delivery Services. For drivers providing delivery services using their private passenger vehicle, they are encouraged to find out if coverage is available through the business or delivery service with whom they’re contracted. There are no changes to a vehicle’s rating if its change in use is temporary and applies only for the duration of the pandemic outbreak.
  • Business Property on Home Premises. Many customers are temporarily working from home during the pandemic. Incidental office use and business property on their home premises are automatically covered under the insurer’s home insurance policies. Coverage varies by policy type, so please refer to your policy’s wording for details, or speak to your broker.
  • Home Childcare Services. If the province where a home childcare service is situated allows home childcare services to remain open, Northbridge is extending coverage for the period of the pandemic without endorsing the policy. However, you must meet the existing guidelines, which allows for a maximum of five children, including the insured’s own children. The customer must also follow all health and safety guidelines for providing childcare services during the pandemic, as outlined on provincial government websites.
  • Vacant Homes. During the period of the declared pandemic outbreak, vacancy on unoccupied dwellings is extended up to 12 months from the standard six months. Please contact your broker to discuss the extension.
  • Seasonal and Secondary Properties. As it might not be possible or advisable to visit a seasonal or secondary property during the pandemic outbreak, the company does not expect its customers to visit these properties if they’re unable to do so due to travel restrictions or health issues during the emergency period.

Northbridge is one of many Canadian insurers offering financial assistance to its customers during the pandemic.


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