Kanetix.ca is now RATESDOTCA

Just a name change. Getting the lowest car insurance quote is the same.

Kanetix is now RATESDOTCA

We are pleased to announce that Kanetix.ca has changed its name to RATESDOTCA.

Since starting out in 1999, we’ve always been about comparing rates for insurance and money products. Now that we’re RATESDOTCA, this doesn’t change. You’ll continue to have access to the best rates from Canadian insurance providers and mortgage brokers and lenders, and credit card promotions and offers.

The team behind the scenes is also the same. If you’re subscribed to our newsletters or following us on social media, you don’t need to do a thing. If you’re new to our community, you can follow our social media handles @RATESDOTCA.


What makes RATESDOTCA different?

We offer simple, online tools that allow you to search the entire market, comparing the best rates on car, home or travel insurance, mortgages and credit cards in Canada. Just as easy as it is to find a hotel on a comparison website, you can do the same for your car or home insurance.

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