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Home Prices Rebound, Taking Mortgage Payments Higher

concept illustration of housing prices increasing
The government stress test was an epic change that created serious drag for the housing industry. That drag has dissipated far quicker than many expected.Case in point: home prices. Price appreciation is back. Canada’s average home price just surpassed $500,000 for the first time since June, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.But while rising home prices are great for ... Continue reading »

Alternative Mortgage Markups Get Fatter

Mortgage rates have become far more competitive compared to the start of the year. But not all mortgage rates.If you're the type of borrower who can get approved anywhere (i.e., creditworthy), you’ll find that rate discounts are better today than on January 1.On the other hand, if you can’t prove your income, your credit is weak or your debt ratios ... Continue reading »