Heard any strange insurance claims stories? If you don’t work in the insurance industry, chances are you probably haven’t heard these stories. From a mattress three-car pile up to a flying Christmas tree, auto insurance adjusters hear it all. While some of these stories sound a little far-fetched, these are actual claims that have been filed with insurance providers. Buckle up…

Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on...

One couple who was on vacation in the south of France filed an interesting auto insurance claim. They stated that a herd of cows had licked the paint right off their car. Moving on.

They Almost Got Away With It

A few years ago, this story was reported in the U.S. A man and woman bought a mattress and failed to secure it to the top of their SUV. As they drove, the mattress fell onto the highway and caused a three-car crash. Good Samaritans stopped to help but the female driver fled the scene in the SUV. One of the good Samaritans followed the vehicle and realized he saw a man’s head moving around in the back of the SUV. Apparently, the woman had left the scene and the man got away, too. They were both attempting to flee the scene. Hence, the need for liability insurance to protect you from uninsured motorists. And, a dashboard camera can’t hurt. At least you’ll have something to share with the insurance company and the cops.

Oh, Deer!

One woman was driving down the highway and ran over a dead deer. It had been hit by the driver in front of her. The terrified woman couldn’t move her car and got out to inspect the scene on the side of the road. Because she was now stalled in the middle of the highway, a tractor-trailer came barreling down the highway and rammed into her vehicle. It was a total loss and the reason it’s important to have collision coverage and comprehensive.

Hail No, He Didn't!

An adjuster in the '90s came across one really suspicious claim. He inspected a car for hail damage after a severe storm. But, noticed that all the marks on the car were the same size and resembled the shape of a large hammer. The adjuster confronted the car owner who could have been charged with insurance fraud. But, the car owner instead chose to file a police report, stating his car was hit mysteriously with a hammer. Because they couldn’t prove the man damaged his own car they paid the claim.

Dashing Through the Oh…

One male driver was heading home after Christmas shopping. He noticed a Christmas tree wasn’t securely tied on top of a vehicle coming towards him in the other direction. Seconds later, the tree was flying through the air straight in his direction. The man was so shocked, he swerved in the other direction and ran into a hedge while the other driver took off. And, the damage? The hood was badly dented by the trunk of the tree, but kind officers let the man take the tree home.


In claim one story from the '70s, a Washington state woman had a van decorated “hippie style”. When she left it with an upholstery shop to have a bed installed, the van was stolen. Allstate reimbursed her about $600 for the van which turned up 35-years later in Los Angeles, California. It had been perfectly restored and was on a shipping container heading to the Netherlands. It’s value? Now about $25,000.

Maybe a Repairman Was Drumming Up Business

In one strange story, a thief or thieves stole a catalytic converter on a car. But, it wasn’t just one car that was hit, it was three cars in a row in the same parking lot and on the same night. While catalytic converters cost up to $200 each, to repair them its closer to $1,000.

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