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So You Got Caught: How a DUI Will Affect Your Auto Insurance

June 13, 2019
2 mins
A hand is seen gripping the steering wheel while the car sits in traffic

If you've been convicted of impaired driving in Canada or were caught driving with a blood-alcohol level greater than .08, you are probably wondering what to expect from your auto insurance company. You likely have a Canada-wide restriction on driving and face a steep fine or jail time. You may have your vehicle impounded and be required to attend treatment.

With a DUI conviction, you will have a criminal record. You may find it difficult to get a job as this conviction will show up in a police background check that a potential employer might run. When it's time to move, you'll learn that landlords can decide not to rent to you based on your DUI conviction.

DUI and your auto insurance in Canada

Most insurance companies will terminate your policy. You will have to obtain auto insurance through a high risk market at a significantly higher premium.

A well-informed insurance professional can help you find an auto insurance company that will cover you. Get quotes from multiple companies so you can get the lowest rate.

Speeding tickets and other traffic infractions can make getting insurance nearly impossible when combined with a DUI. Keep in mind that driving without insurance in Canada is a serious offence that could cost you your license. While driving without insurance isn't an offence under the criminal code of Canada, it could prevent you from getting insurance from a regular market in the future.

The DUI stays on your driving record for at least three years plus the length of time your license was suspended for, so plan to pay higher rates for at least that long. If you have at-fault accidents, distracted driving convictions, or speeding tickets on your driving record it may be even more difficult for you to find affordable auto insurance options.

DUI and your future as a driver

Serious and criminal convictions could cause your auto insurance rates to go up by 100%. Insurance companies raise rates according to the number of convictions you have and their severity. Convictions fall off your Driver's History Report or Driver's Abstract after three years. The criminal record doesn't go away, however. After five years, you may be able to get a pardon if there were no further offences. This way, future employers or others conducting a background check won't be able to see the DUI conviction on your record.

There's no such thing as inexpensive auto insurance if you have a DUI on your driving record. The type of car you drive affects your insurance rates, as does your deductible.

So, even though your insurance rates go up with a DUI on your record, there are some things you can do to minimize the damage to your bank account. Then, get the best possible auto insurance rate by shopping around to compare car insurance quotes.


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