There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and insurance. Although most people don’t enjoy paying for auto insurance, you’ll be glad you did if you ever get in an accident. With steep increases in auto insurance premiums seen in recent years, not surprisingly many drivers are looking for ways to save. The good news is there are easier ways to save than trading in your car for a bicycle. Here are five easy ways to lower your auto insurance.

1. Maintaining a Clean Driving Record

There’s no easier way of lowering your car insurance premiums than maintaining a clean driving record. If you’re ever been involved in an at-fault accident, all might not be lost. Although your auto insurance rates will most likely spike when you’re involved in a serious collision, maintaining a clean driving record in the years to come can lead to lower car insurance premiums.

2. Shopping the Market

If you’re not happy with the auto insurance premiums charged by your insurer, why not see what else is out there? makes it easier than ever to shop the market for the lowest auto insurance rates. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, instantly get auto insurance quotes at some of Canada’s largest and most trusted auto insurers.

3. Raising Your Deductible

While most people simply accept the deductible offered by their insurer, oftentimes you can raise your deductible. By increasing your deductible, your insurance premiums will be lower, but beware. Before you go out and raise your deductible to the limit, make sure you put emergency savings aside because you’ll have to pay more out of pocket if you’re ever in an accident.

4. Taking Advantage of Discounts

There’s no easier way to save on auto insurance than discounts. Most insurers offer a variety of discounts to take advantage of. You’ll often get lower insurance premiums when you purchase group auto insurance through an alumni or professional association. Do you own a home? By buying home and auto insurance together, you’ll often get a sizable discount of 10 percent. Some insurers offer discounts to seniors, while others offer discounts for drivers who maintain a clean driving record. You’ll never know if you’re entitled to a discount if you don’t ask.

5. Buying a Lower-Risk Car

If you’re sick of paying sky-high insurance premiums for your pickup truck or SUV, you might want to think about trading it in for a compact car. The type of vehicle you have can have a big bearing on how much you pay in car insurance. Compact cars tend to have lower insurance premiums than larger vehicles like SUVs. It doesn’t hurt to ask your auto insurance company ahead of time for a quote if you’re thinking of buying a new car to see what the premiums will be.


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