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July 26, 2013

Heading north this weekend? You’re in good company - come summer, Canadians love to leave their city digs behind for the laid back splendour of cottage country. The thing is, enjoying the great outdoors to its fullest isn’t always cheap.

Whether you’re looking to save on your summer recreation costs, pay less for your cottage commute, or kick it tent style on the cheap, check out this week’s guide to saving... in the wild.

The Cost Of Owning A Boat

Looking to take to the lake this summer? With Canada’s abundance of fresh water, it’s no surprise that boating is a popular pastime among cottage goers. However, the steep cost of boat ownership and maintenance can be intimidating.

There’s no need to be a land lubber. You’ll be donning a captain’s hat in no time with these cost effective boat buying tips. Arrrrr!

Read Allan’s Blog | The Cost Of Owning A Boat

4 Ways To Cut Your Summer Gas Costs

Ah summer - the season of road trips! Whether you’re hitting the highway for some cottaging, visiting far flung relatives, or taking in the great Canadian view, your gas budget will be top of mind.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to cut your fuel costs. From plotting the perfect route to amping up your car’s fuel economy, these tips will help you save at the pump.

Read Diane’s Blog | 4 Ways To Cut Summer Gas Costs

How to Save On Camping

Canadians love their camping - what could be more idyllic than taking in the starry sky fireside with marshmallow stick in hand? However, the perfect summer getaway involves a lot more than the woods and a tent - and it pays to be prepared in the wilderness.

If you’re looking to stock up for a successful campout, check out our list of must haves, and how to score them for less. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Read Melanie’s Blog | How To Save On Camping

Don't forget to read this week's hot finance headlines!

Compare To Save Thousands in Minutes With Car and Travel Insurance

RATESDOTCA unveils new additions to their car and travel insurance options, including powerful comparison engines that provide customized quotes in minutes.

Read Kelvin’s Blog | Compare to Save Thousands In Minutes

The Economic Impact Of The Royal Baby

The royal baby has arrived! While the public welcomes little Prince George Alexander Louis, retailers everywhere are cashing in on the momentous occasion with memorabilia, baby gear, and everything royal blue.

Read Rubina’s Blog | The Economic Impact Of The Royal Baby

The Cost Of Being In A Wedding Party

It's a huge honour to be a bridesmaid or groomsman at a friend or family member's wedding - but being part of the nuptuals can cost big bucks! Here's a breakdown of the costs you'll incur as a wedding party member, and how you can avoid overspending.

Read Jaclyn’s Blog | The Cost Of Being In A Wedding Party

3 Tips For Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bill

It’s tempting to blast the A/C through this heatwave, but cranking the cool air all summer long can really heat up your hydro bill. Check out our tips for keeping cool while lowering your summer energy costs.

Read Andrew’s Blog | 3 Tips For Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bill

G20 Officially Backs Global Tax Reform

The G20 has announced its support for sweeping global tax reform measures that target the evasive tax practices of large multinational companies. While this is good news for tax evasion efforts, what will be the trickle down effect on regular citizens?

Read Sean’s Blog | G20 Backs Global Tax Reform

Ruling To Determine Future Of Credit Card Swipe Fees

A ruling this week will determine whether the credit card swipe fees imposed on merchants are legal – and whether consumers may be on the hook for additional charges when paying with premium credit cards, or turned away altogether by certain retailers.

Read Penelope’s Blog | Ruling To Determine Future Of Swipe Fees

Check Insurance Coverage When Car Sharing

Car sharing allows member drivers access to cars without worrying about maintenance or financing – but things aren’t always so straightforward when it comes to insuring shared drivers. Here’s what you need to know about shared driver insurance.

Read Gordon’s Blog | Check Insurance Coverage When Car Sharing

My Not So Pleasant Home Insurance Renewal

Surprised by an increase to your home insurance premiums? You’re not alone – Money Wise writer Sean Cooper shares his story of searching for a better rate after being blindsided during his renewal. Will he remain a loyal customer, or will he find a better deal? Read on to find out!

Read Sean’s Blog | My Not So Pleasant Home Insurance Renewal

You Answered!

This week, you told us your thoughts on the following question: How do you save on your summer gas costs?

  • 36% say they use a credit card that offers rewards on gas purchases, or cash back to keep their hot weather costs low.
  • 28% plot their gas route to find the cheapest stations along the way, using an app or website resource.
  • 22% try not to use the car when they can, opting for transit when necessary.
  • 14 % don't have a car, so gas isn't a summer expense at all!

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Penelope Graham

A first-time homeowner and newbie investor, Penelope Graham is the quintessential millennial, navigating the world of personal finance and wealth management. A self-professed monetary policy nerd, she follows the often-controversial housing market closely and specializes in mortgage, credit card and personal finance news.

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