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"I'll Love You Forever. Now Get Out Of My House!"

April 10, 2013
5 mins
A senior couple reviews documents with a financial advisor

Mother's Day Contest's Huge Haul Helps Send Adult Children Packing

Toronto, ON – April 10, 2013:  You can try subtle hints. You can yell and scream. You can even stop cooking their favourite dish. But if your adult child is still living at home, no amount of badgering or bad cooking is going to get them to move out. A special prize pack, full of furniture and groceries, however, might do the trick! Just in time for Mother’s Day, RATESDOTCA, Canada’s independent rate comparison site, is launching the “Get Out Of My House” contest. The prize? The supplies and resources needed to set your (wo)man-child up in a place of his or her own, valued at $5,397.50 -  the total cost of moving out as determined by RATESDOTCA.

While living with your parents is often a great way to save for medical school, a new home, or any other big purchase, sometimes grown kids become overly comfortable with those ‘golden handcuffs’.  This is the opportunity for moms everywhere to say, “I love you; now get out”.

Both adult children and parents (fathers can enter too), are eligible to enter. Parents wishing to have the Best Mother’s Day Ever can enter by submitting a written appeal, photo or video explaining why their grown child still (or once again) lives with them, and pleading their case to become an empty-nester.  The children can also enter, making their case for freedom. Entries can be made at: .

“We’re having fun with this while trying to shine a light on the key underlying issues,” said Kelvin Mangaroo, President at RATESDOTCA. “The reality is that youth under-employment and unemployment will have very serious economic repercussions down the road. While we can’t solve that particular problem ourselves, we believe that financial literacy among kids is very important to ensure the next generation enters adulthood on a strong economic footing.”

The contest opened April 9, 2013 and will be judged by a panel of television personalities, along with esteemed finance bloggers with expertise in frugal living, budgeting and new home ownership. The live-at-home adult kids and parents must be willing to participate in media interviews. A winner will be announced on May 10th, 2013 – just in time for Mother’s Day.

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