Distracted Driving

is the diversion of attention from driving, as a result of the driver focusing on a non-driving object, activity, event or person. This diversion reduces awareness, decision-making or performance leading to increased risk of driver error, near-crashes or crashes.
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Distracted Driving is now the number one risk on Canadian roads contributing to 8 in 10 collisions
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Canadian distractions
behind the wheel
per cent of Canadians admitting to engaging in distracted behaviours behind the wheel
Drawn image of ipod
Adjusting iPod or radio
Drawn image of person eating apple
Eating and drinking
Drawn image of passenger
Looking and talking
to passengers
Drawn driver holding passenger seat
Reaching for something
in the backseat
Drawn image of driver using radio
Playing the radio
excessively loud
Drawn image of driver on bluetooth
Talking on the phone
with hands-free device
second drawn image of driver using radio
Adjusting settings
on GPS
Drawn image of male using cellphone
Talking on a cellphone
Drawn image of person texting on cellphone
Sending text messages
Drawn image of lady putting on earrings
Putting on or taking off
clothes and accessories
Drawn image of person putting on makeup in rearview mirror
Fixing hair and makeup
Distracted driving laws
in Canada
Province Fine Demerits
British Columbia $167 3
Alberta $172 none
Saskatchewan $280 4
Manitoba $200 2
Ontario $60 - $500 none
Quebec $115 - $154 3
Newfoundland $100 - $400 4
Prince Edward Island $250 - $400 3
Nova Scotia $176 - $350 none
New Brunswick $172.50 3
Yukon $250 3
Northwest Territories $322 3
Nunavut n/a n/a
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What you can do legally
  • Use hands-free wireless communication devices
  • Bluetooth or earpeice
  • View the display screens of GPS units
  • On the dashboard, not obscuring drivers view
  • Use MP3 players hands-free
  • As long as they're mounted
  • Call 911
What you can't do legally
  • Use hand-held wireless communication devices
  • Cellphones
  • Text, dial or email
  • Use hand-held electronic entertainment devices
  • iPods, MP3 players or Gameboys
  • View display screens unrelated to driving
  • Laptops, tablets or DVD players
  • Program a GPS device
  • other than voice commands
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How to reduce Distracted Driving
  • Plan your route
  • Put your cellphone away
  • Advise your passengers to be quiet
  • Avoiding eating and drinking
  • Turn down the music
  • Place purses, backpacks and coats in the trunk
  • Get enough sleep before driving
  • Switch drivers every few hours for long drives
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